Writings of a Mr.

Introducing writings of a Mr (otherwise known as Alex)

I don’t think you will see much of his writing on my Blog

but maybe just maybe once in a while I will share more of his beautiful poetry with you.

Thank you Alex for allowing me to share this with the ‘world’.
This is my anniversary poem.




Close to me


In my arms,

I hold you close to me

I’ll hold you close,

For all eternity

 Since our first moment

We were meant to be

Our love keeps growing,

I feel the energy

 And with my hands,

I hold you close to me

I build a home for our family

 I hold your face

I stroke your hair

 I look into your eyes and gaze

 I touch you


 Underneath my fingertips

I feel you shiver

Your body speaks to me

Through my hands

My hands that are yours

And hold yours

Close to me for all eternity

 In my eyes

No beauty can come close

To yours

 My breath is heavy

 Your eyes

They pierce

They’ve captured me

The willing slave of love

 I pull you close

Look into the richness that you are

With all that I am

Eyes only for you

 In my arms I hold you close to me

It’s where you’re meant to be

 I pull you closer

A sweet surrender to my senses

Your skin smells of a flowering shower

Covering me,

Empowering me

 You seduce me.

Like a current running through me

The surge feels so right

I’ll hold you tight


I taste you

And linger while I do,

I do

Forever I will

Linger with you

Skin on skin.

 Look at all that we’ve been through,

Me and you,

You and I


 I cannot say enough,

Of how we’ve made what’s tough

So easy,


 Me and you,

And you,

In my arms,

I hold you close to me,

On our Anniversary

 And this I vow,

To you my wife,

To be your rock,

For the rest of our life

I’ll hold you close

I’ll take good care

I’ll always want

To stroke your hair.


Alex making me a sparkler heart at the cottage, we met on Canada Day, fireworks from the beginning!






  1. Josh

    People have told me that I write well but I’ve always been too embarrassed to attempt poetry. It just puts you in such a vulnerable place letting people peer into your soul. It’s obvious that he loves you so much that it overpowers any self consciousness he’d have felt putting these thoughts and emotions out in the open.

    You are very lucky.

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Thanks for being so open and sharing yourself, you were vulnerable right here. It’s hard to be open and free, I understand that.
      He does indeed love me and I him, his vulnerability helps me see that.

  2. Alex writings of a Mr

    Reblogged this on Writings Of A Mr and commented:
    This is the anniversary poem that I wrote Jenn. She posted it on her blog so I figured I would re blog it here now that I have my own blog.

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