Sublime Retreat

I love to dance. I always have. I used to love going out to dance clubs with my girlfriends back in my younger days before life took over. 

Now I turn on the music in my kitchen and dance like I’m in a club. 

I dance for me because it energizes me, releases happy endorphins and reminds me that in those fleeting moments I’m just me. 


Not a mother or a daughter. 

Not a sister or a wife. 

Not a role model or a coach. 

Just me.

It’s these sweet escapes that we often forget to make time for, as we get older, more responsible and entangled with more responsibilities.

I think it’s important as life ticks on by that we remember the sweet things that brought us joy and freedom before we had to become responsible for life and for others. 

Always remember the things that made your heart soar, that made you feel free and joyous. 

If you can’t remember what that was or if you never have found something that makes your spirit soar I encourage you to find it, embrace it and dance like no one is watching.



Sublime Retreat


Feel the rhythm

Moving through you

The throbbing of the sound

People all around


Heavy breathing

Lights a glow



The room is warm

The mood is sweet


Lost in the sound

move like no one is around

Lost in the soothing rhythm of the beat

Swept away,

Sublime retreat



Happy Friday!!  Cheers to the weekend!!





  1. aliciakhoo

    I miss dancing in clubs too! But not the sleazy men trying to hit on me and sloshing their drinks everywhere haha 🙂 Great poem for just BEing.

  2. Debbie

    Reminds me of those teenage years when I’d wear mini and heels then lock my room and start real dancing coz i couldn’t go to a club. Twas fun and i still indulge myself in such treat with doors open this time,lol

  3. bernadetteyoungquist

    I love to dance too. At one point in my later 30’s I realized that I had not danced in so long that I almost forgot how to! What a terrible feeling to be stiff and awkward! Never forget to dance!

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      It doesn’t take much to stop and forget, I’ve been there myself, but when no one’s watching it doesn’t matter how you look it’s all about how the music makes you feel!
      Thanks for sharing,

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Life comes in waves, sometimes it’s harder to find the strength or even the desire to turn on the music, let alone dance.
      When you’re ready give it a try, sometimes things start out forced but then start to grow on you!
      I hope things look up for you soon,

  4. realityenchanted

    Just got thinking. But the music was also an external factor, as was being a coach for instance. So, if the music is a part of you, then being a coach is(or should be) a part. E.g., why can’t I be a dancing fun-loving role model? I think my boy would love a normal human being, no? Justthoughts!

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Hi realityenchanted,

      While I embrace and wear all of my many hats happily and they are all certainly an integral part of me I was relating to dancing and the music and the joy it brings to my soul and spirit as a raw, Jennifer thing.
      Some external factors (coaching) require work and duty (along with joy and passion) which is part of the fufillment they bring, where as dancing is selfish if you will, just me, joy, energy and pleasure. No duty, me time.
      Sometimes I even dance to the music that comes from with in me. My own beat.
      I take pride in living my life as a ‘dancing fun loving role model’ but I need those moments to bring forth the energy to make a difference to those I share my life with…
      I’m not sure if this is making any sense at all..
      I hope it helped.

      Thanks for getting me thinking,

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