I’d like to take a moment to say thank  you to all of the generous people who have nominated me for Awards.  I appreciate them so very much.  My blogging community means so much to me and to be thought of by you all is such an honor.  Cheers.




likeable-blog-1337-1x  followed-blog-1337-1xwpid-super-duper-sweet-blogging-award






The Bouquet of Three Awards from:






Bouquet of Three Awards

becauseurfantabulous awesomeblossom-1











spray-paint-final-comp_1 FAB AWARD


  1. Tanumoy Biswas

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, ‘The Nomadic Soliloquist’.
    And, hearty congratulations on all your blog awards.
    Do stay connected. Happy Mother’s Day! Cheers! 🙂

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you so much Jonathan. I really appreciate it. It’s always an honor to be acknowledged by fellow bloggers.
      Congrats on your nomination also!
      I have added you into my awards page along with a link to your blog. I will get to the award as soon as possible.
      Cheers and continued success.

  2. Eva PoeteX

    Congratulations! You truly deserve all these from what I can tell. You have a really positive and inspiring energy about you! 🙂 Good luck in everything that you do. ❤

  3. pndrgn99

    Thanks for the Like for Armageddon’s wings. i stopped by and looked around your site. Very nice, although I learned as much humility as anything else. What time do i have to come by for the Tuesday team story? I saw it but missed it today.

  4. Two Nerds and a Baby

    Jennifer I absolutely LOVE your blog. I appreciate you giving e a shout out on my story. The nominations and awards are well deserved! Your poetry and stories are amazing and the pictures are excellent. You should already be published! Love it!!! I’m new to the blog-o-sphere so I’m going to be poking around your site quite a bit!
    Aimee 🙂

  5. kaycers

    Congratulations! You deserve these!

    How does one give and receive these awards? I’m still somewhat new to blogging, I feel like a noob!

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  7. bookangel2

    What an amazing number of awards! Thank you for having a look at one of my posts; I’m completely new to blogging – a retirement project, you could say – so am delighted when I see that someone has read a post. Thanks again!

  8. SouthernGal

    You are an inspiration! I love blogging and letting people into my mind and some parts of my life. It is just so hard to get that specific audience. Anyway, congrats on your awards! I will return soon!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you. Sadly, I have let my nominations go by the way side this summer. I have many more to add.
      Blogging is a challenge. Write from the heart and share what you feel led to and your community will grow!
      All the best and continued success to you,

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  10. lawandalha

    Dear Jennifer, Congratulation on your wonderful and deserved achievements. I really love your enthusiasm. I look forward to reading and learning more from you. Also, thanks for dropping by. Lawan

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