Gravy Baby

One of my favorite memories related to Sundays are Yorkshire puddings!

I remember the house smelling like roast beef, so inviting, enticing.

Being first generation born Canadian with a British family, meat and potatoes were a big part of my diet growing up and you can’t have meat and potatoes with out gravy! That would be crazy!

My Grandmother and Mother are by far the Queens of making the most fantastic tasting Yorkshire puddings and the gravy…..the best part.

 Enjoy the meat and potatoes of life (especially the gravy baby!)

 Happy Sunny Sunday



 Gravy Baby


It’s like gravy baby,

You and me

Our reverie

Just you

And me

A cup of Chemistry

A dash of Science

A teaspoon of Spirit

A tablespoon of Soul



Gravy Baby

You and me


Combined so perfectly



It’s Gravy baby

In a boat

Our love a float

Flows hot

makes everything tastier

It’s like gravy baby

You and me

Combined so perfectly


ImageFor a great recipe on how to make Yorkshire Pudding check out our fellow bloggers site



  1. jadereyner

    Shame we don’t stick with traditions as much as we used to – my Mum was brilliant at Sunday Roast and Yorkshire’s, I fail miserably it has to be said! Another great poem. 🙂

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Thanks Jade. Yes my Grandmum and Mum seem to go to so much care and work to get them just so…. Heating the muffin tins with drippings etc.
      Mmmm I want one now! But no time today.
      Thanks about the poem. That one was fun to write. Almost like a song.

  2. edprof

    A lovely contribution to your blog, Jennifer. I like the aesthetic elegance of the words on the page, as well as the flow of the words. Your musings and poem remind me of when I was a young homemaker, learning how to make gravy by following the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. So much to learn about back then, and so much yet to learn today.

  3. Paul J. Stam

    Hi Jennifer, Thank you for Stopping by “I am writing” and liking the first post on that sight. Actually that is a post from my other site; Paper, Mud and Me which is about both my pottery and my writing, but so much has been going on in my writing world that I felt I had to get a blog just for my writing. Thanks again for stopping by. You are my first visitor. – Aloha –

    • Jennifer writingsofamrs

      Hi Paul,
      I’m glad! I remember just a short few weeks ago my first post, first like and comment. Writing is such a journey of self discovery and freedom. I hope your new blog becomes all that you are hoping.
      I will be reading.
      Thanks for replying and checking out my blog.

  4. The Running Son

    You realize your poetry is maturing before your/our eyes. One of the best complements is when people talk about the content of the poem, like they have. Nothing says “it spoke to me” lake when someone answers. 😉

  5. Becky

    Jennifer, I am so impressed with how you have embraced being vulnerable on the internet. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there, especially by using poetry, which is so much more personal than prose. I admire you!

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