Stuff It ‘STORETRY’, for everyone!


So I have come up with a collaboration idea!  I challenge you as writers and poets to “stuff” my opening and closing paragraphs with a written paragraph of no more than 5 sentences or a poetry verse of 6 lines that would fit as the “stuffing” of the story.

Take your time and think about it so you have a lead in and a lead out of your paragraph or verse so that I can link it all together.  I will also link each contribution to your blog so we can all showcase what we have to offer and take a peek at the submissions we love.

Keep it true to your style and flare but remember nothing over a PG rating please.  

I will also add 4 photographs into the ‘storetry’.   Please submit poems, writings and photos to with Stuff it Poem, Stuff it paragraph or Stuff it Photo in the subject line.

Submissions must be received by 6:00pm eastern time by the Monday before the Stuff it Tuesday.  


Time for this weeks Stuff it Tuesday Collaboration.






Closing :

Please take a look at past ‘Storetries’!










    Not sure if I’ll participate this week, but seeing as I did it an hour before the due time last week that may be the case again this week lol. I work far better under pressure.

  2. M.L. Swift

    Jennifer…this sounds like a great idea and I’ll try to do it next Tuesday. Busy writing on many things…have my PBC tomorrow. I noticed your call-out for Thursday. I’m writing a discussion/opinion piece (in other words, not a review) on the Book Club book…might be a good fit for your Thursday thing…or do you want something original for you blog?

  3. wkdAngel

    that’s a great idea! never heard of a collaboration like this before. Don’t think I will come up with anything in time but perhaps in future 🙂

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  5. Dawn Whitehand

    Not sure I understand the concept…. Ummm…. the opening is narrative, the closing is poem & I write something in between to link the two…. or I choose the opening OR the closing so that i am writing EITHER narrative or poetry??

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      You would write either a paragraph of prose or a poem verse that would make up the middle/body in between the opening paragraph and closing poetry verse that I provide each week. You can choose one or the other (prose or poetry) It needs to fit in between and into the story that I’ve set up and you need to be creative and not overly descriptive so that I can combine everyone’s paragraphs and poetry verses to make up a complete story.
      I hope that helps! Sorry for any confusion.
      This weeks new opening paragraph and closing poem will be posted tomorrow.

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