The Imaginary Canary

The Imaginary canary

Swoops and dives at me

Its chirping song is alluring

Assuring me to gaze

But I worry that in my

Imaginary haze

His twitching head and jerking motion

Will lose me in it’s maze

Of lost illusions and misleading wanders

For one cannot follow

A misleading imaginary canary

For you will mislead yourself

Assuring your self

With a glazed over gaze

That the

Imaginary canary

Will leave you lost and amazed




  1. Sahm King

    This is a grand idea. An imaginary canary. When I first saw the title I almost immediately thought of men taking canaries into mines to test the air. Then, somehow, I applied the thought as I read, likely diverging from the premise of the poem itself and, thus, losing myself in the fascination of following an imaginary canary through a mine. Misleading the Self. Right into Oblivion.

    Needless to say, though I probably entirely misunderstood the poem, what I felt was a sure potency born of the images that were summon from the swirling of my own imaginings and errant musings. Excellent verse, Jennifer! 🙂

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      The entire premise was imagination and confusion, a sense of being lost. Even writing it by the end I was like ‘huh?’
      So I think I accomplished what I set out to do, even to lose myself lol…
      Thanks for sharing Sahm.

  2. ItTakesAnOcean

    God it’s difficult to know isn’t it! Are you following a fantasy or are you heeding a call that needs to be heeded for the sake of truly living? Fine balance! Trust the gut?

  3. ewdupler

    Beautiful imagery! Keep seeing these imaginary things, as long as you keep writing about them. Don’t worry until they start talking to you. But even then, keep writing!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Ha! Thank you. And thankfully I didn’t see the canary. Well I suppose my minds eye did as I created it…but I was playing with the idea of imagination, illusion. I wanted the reader to feel slightly confused and lost..a sense of huh? by the end.
      But I left myself saying it instead..

  4. Wordifull Melanie

    “A misleading imaginary canary”lvoe it…and i know this feeling. “Where is this going?” The words flow sometimes as if you have no control or design. As you know, when muse strikes we are helpless before it!

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