The Life of Me


Will be the life of me


Expresses parts of me

Destiny of expression

Letting go of regression


Time to be

The life of me


Of lessons learned

Money earned

Emotions churned


Singularity becomes


Life is full of forks in the road and choices.  Times in our lives that we have to make decisions.  Is there one path that was meant for us?  How can that be if we always have choices?  If you are on the right path will you feel passion, you will feel alive and positive about your life and your choices even if there are hard at times.

Keep your chin up!



  1. dereklubangakene

    Singularity becomes destiny”
    Very true. Nothing beats focus in the pursuit of our dreams

  2. Stephen

    Dear Mrs.,
    Your poem excited within me a similar emotion, and conclusion. I credit you with the inspiration. See if it resonates with you, as yours did with me. ‘According to Stephen’ on WordPress.

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