‘Storetry’ #5 Part Story/Part Poetry. Collaboration/Challenge for poets and writers, join us and get published!!

I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and great pieces of writing both prose and poem and the wonderful photographs submitted!

I ask people to submit  a paragraph or a poem verse to fit into an opening paragraph and closing poetry verse that I supply.  I ask for people to contribute the ‘stuffing’ of the story, the middle with a short paragraph OR a poetry verse.  I then take all of the submission both prose and poem and try to add it all into the middle to make up at Storetry (part story part poetry) that flows nicely into a ‘Storetry’ (part story ‘stor’ and part poetry ‘etry’) I use all submission that are supplied to me as long as they pertain to the weeks opening and closing.  I will be publishing a free eBook that will include all of the ‘Storetry’s’ along with everyone’s submissions and blog addresses.  So by participating you will become ‘published’!  You can find next weeks ‘Storetry’ info posted on my home page in the Stuff It Collaboration for Everyone Tab by tomorrow morning.

To help with reading, I have included each persons blog address below their submission, you can click on the link to check out more of their work if it interests you.

The Carnival

The place was crowded with people.  The smell of hot buttery popcorn enticed my nose.  The sounds of people and couples laughing and enjoying the hot summer evening danced on the air.  Flashing lights and rides whipping by the night skyline flashed before my eyes.  It was the night of the Summer Solstice Carnival, my favorite night of the year.

My parents had taken me every year; as far back as I could remember. It was fitting, because in many cultures the solstice marks the passage of time. The annual raucous ritual of lights punctuated my otherwise modest suburban upbringing  But this year was different. The lights seemed less bright, the popcorn less savory, and a dull ache filled my stomach.


merrigoround, carnival, childhood

Photo: Www.craftcreateconnect.com

I glanced back to where I had come from admiring the caravans waiting patiently in the distance, the beautiful lights dancing off their paintwork. The night was mellow, the Carnival busy yet oddly peaceful, everyone enjoying the sights, sounds, and smells; each intent on having fun. I meandered further and the smell of the popcorn became richer, I was getting close now and my stomach suddenly grumbled in response. Would I choose toffee popcorn or plain salted? I sighed, caught up in the quandary and then I remembered that it didn’t matter; I no longer needed to make such decisions.

 Jade’s Jungle

 Laughter is in the air

sounds of life wafting in my ear

bringing joy and flashing lights in my vision

dancing on the summer air

lets eat the popcorn

lets ride the rides

the skylines calling

right before my sleepy eyes

a carnival is waking


popcorn 72dpi-2

Photo: Www.craftcreateconnect.com

I skipped through the crowd, a leaf on the wind, flitting in and out, racing, spinning, twirling through the gathered throngs.  I knew I had all night to enjoy the entertainment and adventure on offer, but I couldn’t contain my excitement.  It bubbled out of my soul and exploded in my nerves.  I wanted to experience every ride, I wanted to taste all of the treats the vendors had to offer, and I wanted to spend time taking in all of the exhibits: the art, the animals, the magic shows, the music.  It was more than a want.  It was a need.


I felt sexy and feminine dressed in my soft pink dress which danced as I moved.  The sweetheart neckline framed my décolletage and the locket he had given me sat close to my chest.  I reached up and my fingers caressed the smoothness of the silver. Those capable hands of his had created that delicate heart pendant especially for me and I could almost feel his fingers gently brushing the skin on my neck, just as he did that summer evening when he had first fastened it for me.  He was due to arrive at any moment and my excitement was building  – I longed to feel his arms tight around me once again. Was this really what love felt like?


As I smile against the sweetness in the breeze, I remember what it was like to be unafraid. Has it been that long since I’ve had one hand full of blue cotton candy and the other resting in the confident grasp of a man?

I’m going to be okay with this; it’s okay… really okay… to be here and to be happy, I breathe to myself.

I fought my way around the world and my very soul is wounded from the losing streak. Against all odds I’ve made back to him; I’m finally home.


Sparkle, pop, bursts

a colorful array of fireworks

synchronized yet unrehearsed

illuminating a love’s sky


His hand grew lax in mine
As he gazed up at the blue-black sky.
The lights of the carnival
Obliterated every star as if
Only the world below existed
And there were no universe.
I squeezed his limp hand, wanting to
Draw him back to earth, to the carnival, to me
His eyes, blue as the sky on a clear summer’s day,
Were in shadow as he looked down at me.
Always looking down at me
Because he was not only tall.
He could reach the farthest stars with his eyes
And yet he could not see me beside him.


It had been hot all day, dry enough to be comfortable, but still the sort of heat that just makes you want to laze about as the lions do on the savanna. But now with the sun faded beyond the horizon it was time to start the night off. Little did we expect that the interior of this studio would soon begin to channel the rainforest, as the speakers spit their sounds into the crowd of eager revelers and the walls became damp with the moisture of motion.


stuff it 6_4 lights

Image: Www.craftcreateconnect.com

 ‘The music was lost to them as they danced, chest to chest and toe to toe and soul to soul.

Two hearts entwined, wrapped up in each other so tightly that it was all but impossible to tell them apart.

The other couples slipped past them, unnoticed – invisible, like ghosts in the cooling, night air.

 While this last song played, nothing else mattered.

They would hold on until the final notes played out.’


What joy it was to dance

Oh the story of summers romance

Dresses swirl

and memories, they whirl

My feet hit the pavement

as I softly lament


What come?  What may.

That summer’s day

Where lovers became friends

And friends were in dismay

The sights and smells

The blinking lights and bells

Slowly begin to fade away

As I stand watching the caravan

Rock and sway…




  1. Domica

    I’m so proud to be among such wonderful talent. This was inspiring and fun… Thank you, Jennifer. I love how it doesn’t feel at all like a competition, but like a delicious word soup we all helped to cook in the WordPress kitchen. Yummy!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Exactly what I was going for. A personal challenge and a group collaboration. It’s a challenge sometimes putting it together so that it flows nicely…but I like a challenge.
      Thank you for participating I hope you will again! Feel free to re blog and share!

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