Storetry # 7: It’s Here! A Collaboration Challenge for Poets and Writers. Get published.


Welcome to Stuff It Tuesdays:  The Storetry Collaboration Challenge

I’d like to thank everyone for the fabulous contributions.  I really enjoy reading all of the submissions and putting the ‘Storetry’ (a word that I created, part story, part poetry) together.  I only wish I had more time to spend on it!

This is my sevnth installment of the Stuff It Tuesday ‘Storetry’ Collaboration Challenge.

I plan to do three more installments and then decide from that point how often I will continue to do it.  The first 10 ‘Storetries’ will be included in a free e Book that I will be publishing later this summer with everyone’s submission and links to their blogs.

Please circulate this around, through Twitter, facebook. Google +, re blogging etc so that as many people as possible can get into this book!  I would love it if everyone that follows my blog could call them selves ‘published’.


Below you will find each person’s submission followed by a link to their blog below what they submitted.  Please read over the links to help make the ‘storetry ‘flow.  The idea is to read it as a story.  I provide the opening and closing paragraph and verse so there will not be a link below my submission.  Please click on the links of the submissions you enjoyed to check out everyone’s blogs and to find more of their writing.

Tomorrow (Wed. June 19th) I will release a post with the content for next weeks ‘Storetry’.  I always use the same format for each ‘storetry’ I just use different story premises each week.  You can also find a permanent information link about Stuff it Tuesday on my homepage next to my ‘about me’ and copyright page tabs.

Thanks again I appreciate your participation and continued support!


Storetry # 7  Island Sand

He awoke at the edge of the water.  How he had gotten there was a blur.  This new land filled with unknown sights and sounds made him feel as if he was still in a dream. He slowly rose to his feet.  Where was he?

Images and sounds tugged at his memory but none of them were solid enough to break through the dream. He shook his head to try and clean up his thoughts, knocking sand out of his hair in the process. The roar, the crashing of the waves, drove away any hope of trying to recapture the truth of it. Raising a hand to shade his eyes from the fury of the sun he scanned the horizon for a landmark and finding none he turned so the massive stretch of blue water was on his left and he trudged up the beach.


The water was a bright blue he had never seen before, the sand a perfect white that sparkled in bright sunlight and a warm, gentle breeze rushed against his skin just as birds began to chirp from a line of green bushes and palm trees. The chirps seemed to turn into singing and he began to smile, then walk along the soft white sand of the beach in rhythm to the song he was hearing drift out of the forest. Another warm breeze rushed against his skin and for the first time he noticed that he was naked. It didn’t bother him at all and he smiled, thinking that it made perfect sense in this perfect dream. He kept his walking pace in time with the birdsong as lyrics began to fill his head and in another moment he heard himself singing along with the birds…


It was a sunny weather with a comfortable breeze of wind

Colorful birds chirp melodiously on the flowers

A lion approaches and purr him

Fearful inside with a calm look

Squirrels untie his tattered shoes to stand on the sandy stone

Marveling this profound land


He wandered through the swaying flowers

Of copious colors for endless hours

Atop a mountain overlooking the valley low

A waiver of freedom abreast the morning glow

He tests his faith

Bequeath his soul to meet the heavenly gates


To one side, bare blue sea and not a thing else, endless and unforgiving, he could still feel the heat and the cold and the sting of the salt. Then the beach, rising yellow-brown through dune after dune to a line of trees on the horizon and, he fancied, a gentler murmur than the pounding of the surf. He forced his aching limbs to listen, to run across sand that didn’t yield under his feet as he’d expected but cut like diamond, pushing away the pain and holding in his mind’s eye the face of the man who had taken his wife, his kingdom, his life. Sun and sweat burned his eyes as he reached the crest and stopped, horrified and amazed. For before him there were no trees, only sand gently falling down to the sea, and when he turned back the way he had come – the way he had climbed – the dunes rose sharper still to trees and shade and the gentle murmur he already knew he would never reach.

sand, footprints, walk

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He turned and looked at the sea of his past, staring out at old horizons. He wondered if the sand beneath his feet was the blank pages of tomorrow. What do I write? He murmured. Cold sea foam nipped the tips of his toes. He jerked his feet away from the fringe of the sea…scrawling the first line into his unknown.

If only it was a dream,

all his worries would runaway with the stream

that connects with the ocean

leaving his heart wide open

But he turned with a painful heart sigh

His soul would never learn to fly

A mystical land

 With gemstone sand

 He was isolated and alone.

 Nothing he knew and nothing he was shown

 Had ever prepared him for this life,

 Over thrown.

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  1. cbnwali

    I couldn’t participate in last weeks storetry, I somehow missed that post. I hope I would get to participate this week. Meanwhile I enjoyed going through last week’s submissions.

  2. stargazerxtina

    i don’t get how this works, can someone explain this to me? We are giving our words, are we protected in any way from plagarism, there’s so many times I’ll put a poem out there and everyone has it, and others claim it, does anyone have any giudance for me or advice of any kind, because I’de like to participate I’m just confused

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Sure, I’m the right person to ask!
      So the way this works (I will leave the details of how to submit if you need guidance with the format of what exactly to do to submit please email me and I will help you out ok?)
      This is my proposition for the Storetry collaborations. You submit, I post the publishing on my blog with a link to your blog beneath your submission so all of my followers, or the ones that have read and are interested can click on your link to read more of your work, it’s like a small platform to show your talent.
      There fore you could potentially have my 4,000 followers check out your blog. That would benefit you by directing traffic to you (by checking out your blog, exposure)
      I do it to give back. All I have is the possibility of readership and I like the possibility of helping fellow bloggers achieve their goals.
      You retain all rights to your submissions. Your work is your own, that’s why I link to it as reference and to regard you as a submission to a collaboration/challenge.
      I came up with the idea of self publishing a free ebook with all of the completed stroretries (in the same format- so your submission would have your blog address beneath so readers of the blog or ebook can find you)
      I will do this for free ( I will also put in all of the work it requires to do so, along with these storetries for free) . I will not sell the book or make any profit, nor will you or anyone else but we all will hopefully get exposure and you all will be published by someone other than yourself.
      The goal is that more people will read your writing because I have a large enough following that enjoys reading what I put together and will hopefully down load a free ebook that I publish.
      Anyone who agrees to participate in this collaboration/challenge will have the right to not have their submissions placed in the book.
      I have so much of my own poetry, writing, 2 blogs, collaborating and so many other projects on my plate. I am doing this for the benefit of others, not to take anything away from others.
      I also created the idea of combining poetry and prose ‘storetry’ with a group of writers not knowing one another or their submissions and I also enjoy the challenge of attempting to piece the submissions together to make it flow into something readable and enjoyable, there lies the challenge for me. I also provide the writing platform by giving the intro paragraph and closing poetry verse.
      I hope this helps to clarify the issue, if not please email me or leave a comment with any other questions.
      Once you decide to post your writings on your blog or any other, you leave yourself open to plagarism. I’m sure students search for poems daily and take people’s work daily as well. That type of thing comes with posting anything on the internet, as simple as your comment. It is there forever, for others to see, read and steal if they so choose…

      Just for the record, I will not and would not claim anyone else’s work to be my own, nor would I ever attempt to claim proceeds from any one else’s work, ever.
      I expect the same and will take legal action against anyone who claims my work as their own. That’s about all we can do.

      • stargazerxtina

        Thank you for all of that information. So a storetry is like a poem and story combined? That’s so funny because before I found you, I wanted to enter writing contests but I wanted to write a story, without the restraints of grammatical rules, and more on the lines of poetry. Is that kind of like what storetry is?

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