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‘Storetry’ #5 Part Story/Part Poetry. Collaboration/Challenge for poets and writers, join us and get published!!

I would like to thank everyone for their submissions and great pieces of writing both prose and poem and the wonderful photographs submitted!

I ask people to submit  a paragraph or a poem verse to fit into an opening paragraph and closing poetry verse that I supply.  I ask for people to contribute the ‘stuffing’ of the story, the middle with a short paragraph OR a poetry verse.  I then take all of the submission both prose and poem and try to add it all into the middle to make up at Storetry (part story part poetry) that flows nicely into a ‘Storetry’ (part story ‘stor’ and part poetry ‘etry’) I use all submission that are supplied to me as long as they pertain to the weeks opening and closing.  I will be publishing a free eBook that will include all of the ‘Storetry’s’ along with everyone’s submissions and blog addresses.  So by participating you will become ‘published’!  You can find next weeks ‘Storetry’ info posted on my home page in the Stuff It Collaboration for Everyone Tab by tomorrow morning.

To help with reading, I have included each persons blog address below their submission, you can click on the link to check out more of their work if it interests you.

The Carnival

The place was crowded with people.  The smell of hot buttery popcorn enticed my nose.  The sounds of people and couples laughing and enjoying the hot summer evening danced on the air.  Flashing lights and rides whipping by the night skyline flashed before my eyes.  It was the night of the Summer Solstice Carnival, my favorite night of the year. Continue reading


Stuff It Tuesday. Storetry #4 A collaboration challenge for writers and poets!

This is the fourth installment of ‘Stuff it Tuesdays!’  Time sure does fly doesn’t it!

This week came together nicely despite the fewer number of entries.  I was left wanting to read the next Chapter!

Thank you so much to everyone that has participated so far.  I’ve really loved how all of these Storetries have turned out!

Please watch for next weeks opening paragraph and closing poem it will be listed at the end of this ‘Storetry’ and in the tab entitled Stuff It on my main page.

Now there is more incentive to participate!  I have been putting some thought into these wonderful collaborations and I think with the permission of all of those that have participated in this one and the past 3 that I may publish a free e Book, no one (myself included) would make a profit from it but that contains all of these fantastic ‘Storetries’, complete with every person that has submit to a ‘storetry’s name and blog address in the same fashion they are laid out here.  These are far to good not to share and you will be ‘published’ and the ‘world’ can read your writing/poetry!!  If you do not want to be included in the book I will remove your entry.  I will email everyone that has participated about it when time draws nearer to publishing. Continue reading

Week #4 info Weekly Stuff it ‘Storetry’ Challenge, for poets and writers! Come and Join Us!

So I have come up with a weekly collaboration idea!  I challenge you as writers and poets to “stuff” my opening and closing paragraphs with a written paragraph of no more than 5 sentences or a poetry verse of 6 lines that would fit as the “stuffing” of the story.

Take your time and think about it so you have a lead in and a lead out of your paragraph or verse so that I can link it all together.  I will also link each contribution to your blog so we can all showcase what we have to offer and take a peek at the submissions we love.

Keep it true to your style and flare but remember nothing over a PG rating please.  

I will also add 4 photographs into the ‘storetry’.   Please submit poems, writings and photos to writingsofamrs@outlook.com with Stuff it Poem, Stuff it paragraph or Stuff it Photo in the subject line.

Submissions must be received by 4:00pm eastern time by the Monday before the Stuff it Tuesday.  

All submissions will be used.  Look below for this weeks Stuff it.


Time for this weeks Stuff it Tuesday Collaboration.  This one is a little more challenging!


He awoke to the dripping sounds of the rain.  He slowly stirred and turned over to lay on his stomach and peered out the raggedy opening of the window in his hut.  It had been two weeks now that he had been staying in this filthy, wet hut.  As he stared off into the rainy sky in wonderment of the journey that had led him here.



Closing :

The mud squishing between his toes

The villagers and grass huts lined in rows

He looked back

A foreigner in a foreign land

His destruction led by his own people’s hand.

Check out the past 3 weeks here!

Week #1 Storetry https://writingsofamrs.wordpress.com/2013/05/07/a-day-at-the-beach-a-word-press-storetry-collaboration-stuff-it-tuesdays-with-the-mrs-join-in/

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Victory Stance. A poem about addiction.



It’s like a grappling hook

Pulling into,


Digging into rock

A false sense of safety

Trust and faith in a rope

A hook that can fail

And leave you spiraling



Down to the ground

You grab hold of the rope


Straining Continue reading

Stuff it Tuesday! ‘Storetry’ Number 2 a bloggers challenge for poets, writers and photographers!! Join me!

So this week there were not as many submissions but it still turned out nicely.

I put the link to each persons submission below their piece so that you can check out their blog.  Please show support and give their blog a look to see if it’s something that interests you.  If you would like to read last weeks ‘Storetry’ you can find it here.

I’ve had many people say they will participate next week in the STUFF IT TUESDAY challenge, so let’s see if these people are people of their word or not! *gasp, did she just say that? Yes I think she did!*

I will post this weeks opening paragraph and closing poem under the Stuff it Tab on my main page tomorrow.  So watch for it if it interests you.

Let’s get to it!

Continue reading

Stuff it Tuesday Reminder!


The deadline for the Stuff it Tuesday entries is in 2 hours.  Anything received after 4:00pm my time will not be entered to give me time to review and put it all together.

I’m really pleased with the submissions so far, the ‘storetry’ is coming together nicely! Please be sure to stop by tomorrow to see the final result!

Have a beautiful day enjoying the wonderful weather that Mother nature has bestowed upon us.

Happy Monday.


Weekly Writing Collaboration Challenge with the Mrs. For writers, poets and photographers…come on I know you have the ‘write’ stuff!


So I have come up with a weekly collaboration idea!  I challenge you as writers and poets to “stuff” my opening and closing paragraphs with a written paragraph of no more than 5 sentences or a poetry verse of 6 lines that would fit as the “stuffing” of the story.

But don’t do this… Continue reading