Stats and palette’s

Today I’m feeling a little more like I have my footing.   I feel better able to navigate my way around my blog. 

I have no idea what stats typically look like for new bloggers and because my intention is to share my journey I will share where I’m at currently. 

I had 35 views day one 4:30pm first blog. 

Yesterday I had 115 views (second blog)

So far today I have had 34 views for a total of 214 views prior to the posting of this blog. 

I have 16 followers 2 of whom I know personally.

I have been sincerely in awe by the fantastic community of writers, bloggers, poets, musings, opinions, photographer’s, techy’s and crafty’s (I like to add y’s and group people, my apologies if that offends it’s not intended to, it’s a celebration of the group of people) that are out there to discover. I have laughed and cried, been inspired and educated, not wanting to write only wanting to connect, comment and engage people about their writings and I’m only 40 hours into my blog/journey.  There is so much material to read, to the point of distraction. 

This reminds me of a quote that I love by Nietzsche a German philosopher.

It is hard enough to remember my opinions, without also remembering my reasons for them!”


I learned about Nietzsche while in College last year in a general humanities course.  My professor was an anthropologist and a ‘Wordy’ (see end quote of previous post for a description) unlike any other I have ever met.  

He encouraged my writing even asked to keep copies of my papers and to read my pieces to the class.  He was a great encourager.

When I first read Nietzsches philosophy I was enticed by his ideas of self.  Being that I am not naturally a visual creative type of person I was drawn to the idea of  creation. 

Design with the ability to potentially become artistic, bold and colorful with myself as the palette.

Nietzsche believes that we can become unique, original.  That we can become more than a sheep, a follower, a conformist, that our lives can be created by us to reflect art.  Whatever we want to create, a masterpiece of our own design, inarguably perfect and beautiful because it is our creation. 

Although I may not agree with all (or most for that matter) of Nietzsches philosophy I have always loved this idea. 

Today while I was reading, I was so inspired to see this very idea coming alive on the palette’s of each individual visit to this place we call blog.

For more information on Friedrich Nietzsche please visit your local philosopher’s blog


  1. makagutu

    Hey Jennifer, you are doing quite well for day two of blogging. Don’t get discouraged with the stats, sometimes you do so well and sometimes you do so badly. I don’t do so good as you do on day 1.
    I like Nietzsche’s philosophy. On my blog there are quite a number of reviews of his different books and am looking for some papers he wrote in between.
    Happy blogging

    • writingsofamrs

      Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
      The numbers are only posted because I thought people might be interested to know.
      It’s definitely not all about that.
      Nietzsche is a fantastic read. So rich and deep.
      Continued success with your blogging.

  2. eatwilmington

    I have no idea how many followers I have, nor do I care. I see the little bar charts begging my attention and disregard them. I write my blog for me, and to connect to others who might take an interest in my travails. Have fun on your journey! I’ll be watching;-) (now, how creepy is that? lol)

  3. donloco00

    Hi there, and thanks for stopping by my site. I’m relatively new at this too, and my stats thus far aren’t nearly as impressive as yours. Still. We write for us – what we have inside needs to come out somehow, so we choose to write. I wish you nothing but continued success in your endeavour. I do hope you’ll stop in again and read more, as well as participate. Cheers!

  4. Cathy Trowbridge

    Your love for writing and words will bring you deeper, as it does for all of us. Good for you and yes welcome to a whole new social awareness opportunity! I love it too. I do have some helpful tidbits about blogging on my blog, maybe you’ll take a look. And healthy stuff on another blog (healthybodiesandsouls(dot)com. Have a great day Jennifer!

  5. jo11anne

    I’ve looked at all five (?) of your posts and think you are making a great start. The blogosphere is immense and you will be constantly surprised at the conversations that develop among people of such varied interests. In any case, thanks for liking our blog and if you are interested in gardening, come on back now and then. Best wishes.

    • writingsofamrs

      Thanks for the support and encouragement.
      Spring is in the air and gardening season is about to begin here in Ontario.
      My husband enjoys gardening so we will be reading your blog together.
      Best wishes,

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