In between, places yet unseen

Have you ever felt in between?

Excited to be places yet unseen?

Embarking on a new or scary venture?

But knowing that it’s right? 

That is how I have been feeling today.

Take courage my friends and trust in yourself and your intuition.


In honor of National poetry month, here is my one and only poem.


This was written during a time of pondering faith and science in Feb. 2009

In between

Heaven, earth
Creator, creation
faith, manipulation
joy, exasperation
Belief, trust
hardened crust
They’ve seen the light
about to take flight
to places unseen,
somewhere in between
Bipedalism, microorganisms
evolution, pollution
surreal, secular appeal
be like me, trinity
cross symbolism
fleshly heroism
Glorified Gods
isolated pods.
They’ve seen the light
about to take flight
to places never seen,
somewhere in between.
realities foliage

I think that was a poem, either way I love words.




      • jadereyner

        I know what you mean, I felt like that about my last post. It’s so difficult to know what to post but I keep reading advice that just says to ‘be yourself’ so I figured that’s what I would do and hope for the best! Good luck.

  1. redrice57

    I think you are brave to share this – poetry is just a word – you get your thoughts down and across – that is what matters. If you don’t share your poems or writings, then they are just squiggles on a page in a dark place. Only by putting stuff ‘out there’ will you touch someone. Same with paintings etc etc. A thoughtful piece. I’m glad you shared it! Keith

  2. The Carpenter's Quill

    Ooooooh. Love the push, pull, and “open to interpretation” personality of the words you used. Poems (to me) are our perspectives of the emotion we’re jotting down. Whatever subject we’re inspired to write about can be beautifully, and descriptively written (as you did here) They rhyme…but not all the time. 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. gwalshwhiteside

    Lovely words! confidence is key, even if your shy like me, poetry is subjective, even to the whole collective, keep on writing don’t be shy, and I’ll be sure to stop on by!
    from one new blogger to another! 🙂 G:)

  4. The Running Son

    Glad you posted it. I already have a favorite moment:

    This cluster in particular– tonic, staccato…

    surreal, secular appeal
    be like me, trinity
    cross symbolism
    fleshly heroism
    Glorified Gods
    isolated pods.

    Mmmmmmmm.. 😉

  5. Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

    Reblogged this on Writings of a Mrs and commented:

    The Poem. This is where it all started. I took a chance, posted this one poem that I wrote in 2009 and you all encouraged me to continue to write poetry and here we are almost 2 months later and over 40 poems. Thank you for supporting and encouraging my writing. Jennifer

  6. Black Swan

    I am so glad others encouraged you and that you listened, you are talented and your words are powerful. I love words as well, for that reason, their power. They can create, they destroy…power…words have energy. I know exactly what you mean with that poem. 🙂

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