5 Tips To get Your Inspiration Back!

Do you ever lose the desire to write?

Not sure where to begin?

Has it been to the point that you have no desire to even pick up the pen or open up the laptop?

I never thought this would happen to me but it did. I have been writing for 2 blogs, putting together and communicating with others for collaborations like PAY DAY Pay it Forward Thursdays and Stuff it ‘Storetry’ Tuesdays all on top of managing a family with 8 children.  Busy doesn’t quite cut it!

Now I’m sure you have read these pointers elsewhere before, it is the internet after all but I want to share some things that I realized this morning that helped me get out of my rut, especially when it comes to writing poetry.

Routine:  Routine is so very important.  I used to wake up, get the kids on the bus, make my coffee and go and sit on my sofa and read a few blogs.  Then I would take a moment to write, which usually occurred during reading other posts or poetry, something would stir and the poetry would just come.  My internet at home has been limited lately so I haven’t been able to read the morning posts so I haven’t even bothered to sit and relax in the same spot.  I know that this has been a major factor for my lack of inspiration.  Reading other peoples blogs and poetry for inspiration and sitting in the same spot at around the same time will surely help me with my muse less blues!

Music: Repeat/Replay: I also used to find my favorite song of the day and play it on repeat, kind of putting me into an inspirational trance.  If I’m on a roll and the music changes then so can my flow, thoughts, emotions and ideas that get stirred by the song. I am a huge music fan so this definitely helps me.  My music choice has been lacking in the morning because of my limited use of the inter net.   I can’t You Tube my favorite songs right now so I guess I need to ‘pay’ iTunes a little visit or replay some older songs, like I did this morning.  Voila!

Change your Self Talk:  You are not suffering from writers block.  Your muse has not left you high and dry!  You CAN do this.  You will do this. You’ve so got this!  Self-talk is so important in our writing lives and in our day-to-day lives.  Believe for good things in your life!  Expect them.  Even if when you say it aloud it sounds like the furthest thing from your actual thoughts, say it anyway.  You have to start somewhere.  Do not accept defeat.  Make yourself believe it.

Write Anyway:  This morning was the first time that I picked up a pen in a long while.  I wrote two poems and when I reread them I thought, this is ‘crap’!  And it was.  It was completely uninspired and forced but what came after one or two ‘silly and uninspired’ poems was the poem below.  Now whether you regard this poem as fantastic or not, is not really the point.  The point is that I did.  This poem ‘inebriated my dried out riverbed’.  If you’re stuck on a prose project, write anyway.  Write until it flows if you have to, change the topic or idea, move onto something else, grab a paper and write out a rant releasing all of your frustrations, then return and keep at it.

Stop Being Lazy: I mean this in the most respectful of ways but really! Get out of bed when you get an inspired idea for a blog or a few lines for a poem or a story or chapter for your book.  Grab a napkin, excuse yourself and run to the washroom when out for dinner and write down your five lines.  When it comes, it comes and if you let it fade away, it will.  Especially for poetry! If it is a priority, then prioritize it!

polar bears, lazy, bears, relaxing, ice


Muse less Blues

Where is the depth of me?

I feel dried up like a cracked riverbed



Longing to be inebriated by my muse

To drink away these dried up blues

To come alive with vibrant hues

Clues to find the fountain of my muse

To cure these muse less blues

© Jennifer Jones (me) 2021

 Stay inspired, keep writing!  Continued success to you all.



  1. zara M.

    HI , i really can recall to this i’m suffering of writers block my muse has paused at the same time i feel bottled all this words roaming in my head but no way to get them on paper .thank you fore sharing
    best wishes
    zara m

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Hi Zara.
      I hope this helps. I know it can be frustrating.
      If it’s really bad maybe take a break and go for a walk and get some fresh air. Stressing over it too much can make things worse. Best of luck to you!
      Let me know when you write next so I can give it a read.

      • zara M.

        thank you my dear , it is frustrating i think i need a short brake or a journey nature always help kicking my sleeping muse ^_^ , i sure love to hear your thoughts of my next post feel free to tear it apart im open to all opinions it’s the way we improve
        have a nice day

  2. angelgal3176

    All very good points, but coming back to writing, I’ve found the simple act of committing to it has helped me A LOT. Also, sometimes you need a different environment, one that can be inspiring or, in my case with my following example, much less distracting than your “usual” spot. I had an idea for my entry for Trifecta, but I didn’t want to just sit here at home and write it out. I imagined myself, when thinking about writing it, going to a favorite wooded area – which means I’d have to get up and get out of my house to do it. And I grabbed my writer’s notebook – something I haven’t used in a very long time, and that was really great to use when I was in college, even tho often it was simply an assignment that prompted me to – and went off to get my niece and nephew, so I could get down to the act of writing instead of using the laptop. Thing is, where I had to go to drop them off, I would have to double back to get where I wanted to go – next best thing, I went to a local State Park, sat down, and worked on it for a half an hour – which is great, because I got out EVERYTHING I wanted to for the prompt! So, I agree with you on all these points, but I wanted to add sometimes a little change is nice too!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Absolutely it is!
      Changing things up when you are stuck in rut is a great thing to do.
      I guess for me it was all because I neglected my routine, which works for me and straying from that caused me to have some troubles.
      I wrote my poem Exposed while laying in the sun. It was awesome! And I’ve written while being a passenger in the car, during dinner, at movies etc. lol
      Thank you for sharing you tips and thoughts we all appreciate them!
      Continued success!

  3. Charles Yallowitz

    Great advice. Something I did with music was I created a Pandora station with my favorite bands on it. It only works if you have a device that plays Pandora or you’re on the internet while working.

  4. toniandrukaitisToni

    Yesterday, I wrote on my blog about self-fulfilling prophecy and how I use the song”Something’s Coming,” from Wes Side Story. I bought the CD at Halph Price books. It’s so inspirational when I sing along. Besides writing, I’m an artist, so when one thing is slow, I lean on the other. When you put all your eggs in one basket, you get scrambled eggs! I like that. I Amy use that for today’s blog. You are an inspiration with your busy life. Thanks!

  5. kaycers

    I liked the poem and I know what you mean about routine and laziness and the rest! I like the advice about playing a song on repeat. I’ll be sure to try that !

  6. jadereyner

    Excellent post Jennifer – glad you got your ‘muse’ back! And I agree with all of the points you make, sometimes the only way to manage to write, is to write! I enjoyed the poem above so hopefully it’s been a good day for you. 🙂

  7. Christina

    I’m an avid repeat/reply writer. If the music tempo changes, I’m completely thrown off my game and almost always find it hard to continue writing. These were some great tips! Of course, the poem was good also. 🙂

  8. todessakane2013

    I love this! The point you make about write anyway is the best advice that’s what I have to do when all else fails. Thank you for this I found it really helpful. Keep up the great work and God bless you lots 🙂 Tracey.

  9. syl65

    Music is one of my biggest motivational factors. It seems to always give me a boost, especially when I don’t feel like writing. Thanks Jennifer.

  10. literaryliason

    perfect timing for this post. I just had this problem. My sister thinks it’s silly, but I read fanfic sometimes when I’m uninspired. Good/bad writing (and not knowing which I’m going to get) can be inspiring, or at least makes me want to write.

  11. akleneth

    I love your poem! It’s very easy to relate to, and all the assonance is great.

    And I agree with your points. I think another thing that helps me get my inspiration back is to simply get out, do something, and intentionally PAY ATTENTION to things around me. Looking at nature, people watching, etc. seems to give me a lot of ideas and gets my muse going for sure.

  12. orthodoxmom3

    This is a great post! Even if we, your readers, have seen the suggestions before, it’s a great reminder… I actually forgot about the music one completely and yet it’s one I used to use a lot… gotta dust off some old CDs later 😉

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