So I’m considering Smashwords to publish my poetry book.
Any thoughts, tips, advice, recommendations on Smashwords?



  1. lauralord

    I used Amazon’a CreateSpace for mine, and while after visiting the website, I don’t believe it puts it out to quite as many different places, I found it extremely easy to use and ended up with a wonderful product, both in Kindle format and paperback. It has come in quite handy to have physical copies of my books.

  2. Heartafire

    I have had two friends who have self published, one at Amazon and one, originally with then selling it through
    smashbook. Both had a rather easy time of it and it turned out to be a very satisfactory experience for both.

  3. syl65

    I used Smashwords for my second book. They provide a guide and other helpful material to publish your ebook. Distribution through many formats. I would definitely used them again.

  4. alexandrajcornwell

    I am interested in knowing what the experience is like for poetry vs fiction (text with less formatting requirements) authors for a range of platforms and whether there are any geographical barriers to accessing, eg for non-USA based authors.

  5. petertcormack

    I personally found Amazon’s process to be much easier. Smashwords had some strange requirements for the cover that they didn’t make clear – all they said was that my book kept “failing” the epub test (even though it passed at the site they linked). I eventually e-mailed them about it, and they responded pretty quickly saying that the requirement was 1400 pixels wide by 1820 pixels tall (even though the website itself only specified the width).
    Then, once I managed to get the book to pass, it has taken a long time for it to show up on the different venues, and they give you no indication of when your work is actually available on one of those venues. I’m still not sure if my book is on iTunes or not.

    So, my personal recommendation would be to stick with Amazon, *unless* a significant portion of your audience is married to another format (like Nook or iTunes). If that’s the case, figure out how to submit directly to that venue, and do it that way. I definitely appreciate what Smashwords is trying to do; I just don’t think they’re quite there yet. :/

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