The night falls and my heart stalls

To an altered beat

The rhythm changing to meet my sleep

That is tormented while I weep

For Us

A sacred trust

Combined with lust

That is dull

No longer lustered

My emotions flustered


In my head

In my bed

Replaying everything you said

My dreams and visions

Cut open like incisions

With steady handed precision

I bleed you out

 Jennifer David 2013

*This is the first time that I could not think of a title for my poem.  Any ideas?  If so leave them in the comment box and I will select one from there…thanks!*



  1. AuAu

    Theres a line from a song I really like that its about the feeling of a worthless relationship, and it goes:
    “Im gonna stop wasting my time…”.
    Dont know if it would fit, I guess it depends on what the character feels more about.

  2. Ranting Crow

    Tears of Red.. tears from a bl;eeding heart.
    Heart of memory as i mentioned earlier because the that what you tried to erase started with a loving heart. that created memories.
    the purge, emptying the heart.

  3. thecrackedchronicles

    Thanks for stopping by The Cracked Chronicles. No title ideas here, but I loved the rhythm in the words of this poem when I spoke it out loud!

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      Thank you for taking the time to comment I appreciate it!
      And welcome!
      Yes, I am a fan of spoken word. I always speak out my poems after I write them and if I don’t ‘feel’ the flow or break I start over/tweak it!
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  4. ✡David✡

    This is one well written poem. Guiding us through to this wonderful peak of sadness in your line “I bleed you out”. If you, the poet, couldn’t give a name to this beautiful poem, maybe it is meant to be untitled. And all your future readers would have to discover the soul of this poem by reading through each line like all of us has by now… with no shortcuts that may dampen the effect it now has.

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