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Don’t ‘assume’ that you know why I like you.

The infamous ‘like’ button.


We see it on facebook, WordPress, Instagram, Stumble Upon and list goes on.

People ‘like’ to keep track, tally and constantly compare one another’s stats and above all ‘likes’.

I’ve noticed the trend and it’s made me quite curious so I’ve decided to explore the concept of liking in a little more depth.

What is the criteria that you use to determine when you will give a like?  Is it a conscious thought process or do you just like away?  Have you ever really sat down and thought about why you choose to like something, especially something like a facebook page that will be in your day-to-day news feed stream?

I was reading a post on facebook from a friend’s page recently and although I may not have agreed with the entire subject matter (his belief) I liked the presentation, the underlying message (the moral ideas and wholesome choices) and the thought and style involved in the writing so I gave the post a like.  The post was on the topic of faith and what faith was to him.  For example: Faith is………  followed by Faith is…….  There was a lot of depth and thought put into each response.

Do you think that my like would symbolize that I believe the same basic idea of faith as he does? If so why does standing in agreement have to mean that you believe or ‘be’ the same thing?  I support all faiths, cultures and lifestyles given that they are peaceful in nature…. As an example I support equality for all people like the right to be gay and live a peaceful, equal life but I am not gay.

When I am determining whether I will issue a ‘like’ I base it on many things from writings style, flare, concept, humor, interest, principle, value, ethics, content, depth of thought etc.

Why do you like posts, blogs, photos?

Do you like other people’s work and pages just to get likes on your own page, blog, photo etc. or to grow your readership?  For the people that do is this ok?  Is this not the very definition of ‘social media’ and gaining exposure?


Comments, thoughts, let’s discuss…?

P.S I DO like you!


50,000 Views in 5 months

ImageAfter a quiet summer of little blogging and in 5 months total, I’ve hit 50,000 views on my blog!

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement!

When I started my blog I had no idea what to expect or even any idea what to write about.  The journey has evolved on it’s own and I’m so amazed that even one of you actually wants to read my poetry and posts so thank you so much for helping me build confidence in my writing.  There is much more to come I assure you!

I know over the summer my Pay Day Thursdays were interrupted along with the weekly ‘Storetries’ but they will return in October for those of you that are wondering and interested!

Also, the ads that keep popping up at the end of my posts are not there by my choice, Word Press just decides to put them where they want…for now.

*does a little happy dance*


A day at the Beach. A ‘Storetry’ Collaboration with my Word Press community. Stuff It Tuesdays with the Mrs. Join in!

Welcome to our first Stuff it Tuesday Collaboration!  It was fun to see all of the writing and poems that people came up with and even more fun trying to make it into a fluid ‘storetry’.  Quite the challenge.  I had all of the entries laid out on my floor last night along with a glass of wine.  There are so many talented people in our Word Press community.

I decided to add each persons blog link underneath their entry.  This seemed to be the best way to keep track of each entry, so as you read, read past the links and then you can go back and check out people’s blogs when you have finished the ‘storetry’.  I want to give a shout out to Valerie.  She missed the deadline but also submitted this image so I included.  I apologize for having to refuse some submissions.   I had to set a time line so that I had time to put this all together.  I hope you all understand and that you will contribute to next weeks ‘storetry’ which you will find at the end of this weeks collaboration.

I really hope you enjoy the collaboration.

Alright, enough from me.  Happy reading.

A day at the beach with Word Press

mugwt2 3


I have so many fond memories of days at the beach, packing up the car and spending days in the sun.  I love being surrounded by the sand, water and the warm wind.  But let me tell you I have many a story about my times at the beach!

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29 Days, 11,000 hits. 1,800 followers (1,100 from Word Press!) Read this if you are interested in Pay it Forward Thursdays. PAY DAY

Hey everyone.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to start a blog and to write. It was also to go the gym regularly but that didn’t last too long!  The blogging, well I am almost one month into it now and I have no intention of slowing down.  I’m loving writing and the blogging community and starting projects like PAY DAY

That being said I started a google + (writingsofamrs Jennifer) account with a You Tube Channel.  Here is the address to the Channel it is still under construction but please feel free to sign up (however you do that!?)  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr13m4Cz8ZUgelYk1Lokudw .  The primary reason for this is for the ‘release’ or ‘debut’ of Rays rendition song Gravy Baby, along with any other future projects.  Please bare with me because I really am walking in the dark trying to make all of this happen.  I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement.  If anyone has any helpful info for me on how to manage the You Tube channel etc that would be excellent!

I will be posting an intro video followed by Rays video that you can link to through my blog in my PAY DAY Thursday post around 2:00 pm my time.  I will give more info about the upcoming Thursdays collaborations along with some other general information.

I’m looking for other song writers, musicians, DJ’s, performers etc to collaborate with so if you know anyone that might be interested please have them contact me!  But make sure that they read my original Pay Day post first.  ( I don’t need any emails with people asking me for money!) Any one else that would like to participate please contact me by email, it’s easier for me to keep on top of it that way. writingsofamrs@outlook.com

Thank you again for all of your inquiries.  I am doing my best to keep on top of responding to all of the emails and to also keep on top of my comments and my posts and engaging with the Word Press community!


Happy New Year!! My ‘crown’ says Bonne Anne which means Happy New Year in french. (better late then never right?)