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Beauty in Tragedy, The Poem



Beauty in tragedy,

Is it strange?


An oddity,

That I find beauty in tragedy? Continue reading


The Impossible. A movie review?

the-impossible-2012-movie-wallpaper01For a real review you can check here/ photo props:  http://www.anthonybehindthescenes.com/2013/04/little-shop-movie-review-impossible.html

I am a big movie buff.  I would even go as far as to say that I prefer to watch a movie over  reading a book. *gasp*.  I love the big screen, the loud sound and watching writers words and tales come to life!  I also love eating unhealthy, yummy, buttery popcorn.  It’s the little things in life right? Continue reading

Lover’s Embrace, Bangladesh



Lover’s embrace

A lover’s grace

Into a life time of

A moment


Lover’s grace

Lover’s embrace


In your arms I fell

Into love with you


Into your arms I fell

Before the final fall Continue reading

Raw Tragedy

Our neighbor, may she rest in peace, was just taken away in a frenzy of teams of caring, gift and life giving community workers.  Lights flashing, fire trucks, ambulance, police cars.  These people have some of the hardest jobs, being a funeral director I met my share of these amazing people.  I want to thank all of the support workers in the world right now.

No life could be given back tonight.

My heart is heavy.

In the moment unedited.


Flashing lights

Rushing, wrapping, strapping

Signal the end of life

Saviors rushing

In and out

Breath escaping,

 In and out

She yells

 She falls

Her breath escaping her too

They try,

Try so hard

To return the breath of life

But once the last breath is breathed

So begins the time to grieve