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Salty cheese and a glass of wine

A different time

a different era

Where voluptuous curves were what artists wrote about

What the most glorious painters painted about

The round about curtsey of a respectable girl

who’s hair all acurl

Made even the most proper woman’s brow curl

A time of allure

Where femininity could endure

a lifetime of salty cheese and a glass of wine.


3 Little Problems of the Creative Mind


They spend so much time looking through the lens knowing the importance of capturing a moment, the moment so that it can forever be shared with the world but yet so often missing out on living in the moment.


They can’t wait to tell their story.  When it’s time to write, it’s time, you can only wait so long before the idea passes or your muse leaves, often wishing to record moments of the past forgetting to participate in the present.


They get so engrossed in the stories and facts they read that they long for the next moment that they can escape back to their story.

So really there is one problem, often the problem of existing and living in the moment.

So live your passion but don’t forget to also live your life, in the moment!