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Want to see a major shift in your life? Try replacing “I’m sorry” with “Thank you”.

Want to see a major shift in your life? Try replacing "I'm sorry" with "Thank you" woman kneeling and thinking in Istanbul, Turkey Balat district
Photo taken in November 2021 in the Balat/Fener district of Istanbul, Turkey

I don’t know if it’s an over all Canadian thing….being from the land of bumping into car doors and apologizing… lol but some how I became that “I’m sorry” person.  It came as a surprise to me as most of my younger life you’d be hard pressed to hear me apologize for anything.  But eventually I chose to learn about both accountability and forgiveness.  But here’s the thing, sometimes we can end up swaying too far and become over accountable. 

But too much apologizing also leads to a negative mindset of self…a self blame mentality…and even a hyper focus on self. 

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Thank you for all of the love and support. 1,000 views in my first 7 days!


“Love is a feeling put into action through chemistry and emotion. It is intangible and diverse. It is a mystery.”

Jennifer David (me) 2013

My blog has been up for 1 week now.
I have over 1,000 views
I feel nothing but love for you all! Thank you!