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It’s been a while….

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She learns how to become a cook

How to become a runner

Promises on how to become a better lover

All from just skimming the cover…

She falls for it

She tumbles

Stumbling on the shoestrings

Of her sneakers

That in reality,
just make her meeker

And….shall I even say


Like a beacon

Of society that says

Here I am…

Look at me

I take notice

I read the cover Continue reading



Oh the great debate…
I love getting inspired by blog posts.
I happened upon this post today What’s good for the Soul do that and as I started to comment I realized that maybe I should start a discussion and  create a post rather than take up a page worth of his comment section!  The post is about racism, understanding, cultural differences and acceptance.  Below is what I hoped to post in his comment section in response to his post.


There is beauty in all things even in the people that appear to have no beauty.  Even in those who exude hatred.  There is a beauty with in them that is very hard to see and understand.  It is complicated and requires much time to untangle the actions and moments of their experience in life. Ignorance is such a complicated issue.  Society, culture, family, history and experience combine to create belief systems and thought patterns that many people are unaware they even possess. Continue reading

Anti Wrinkle Cream


Time is precious they say

‘It’ refreshes us they say

makes us younger they say

by removing days that you earned

and learned

and played. Continue reading

The long lost art of the Smile.


Have you forgotten how to smile?

Have you forgotten how to be patient and kind?  Have you forgotten how to be thoughtful, helpful?  When was the last time that you opened a door for someone, went to their aid when they dropped their books?  When was the last time that you connected with a stranger through a meaningful exchange?  When was the last time you asked after someone’s well being? Weekend?  Family?  And actually meant it and were eager to hear the answer?

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