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The ‘little things’ that matter in life, a bit of humor for Monday

So we decided to go to Cooper Marsh on Sunday with our younger children. It is one of my favourite places to go with the littles.  I have pushed many a stroller through the muddy walkway and pulled many a wagon.  We’ve fetched shoes thrown over the edge of the boardwalk, pulled out rubber boots stuck in mud and carried a tired toddler to my exhaustion many a time.  But not this Sunday, we decided to bring Maya (our black lab) with us for the walk.  It must have been winter brain that made me forget but you are not allowed to bring dogs there, not even if they are on a leash.


Photo props: http://www.ourhometown.ca/news/NL0028.php

So we hopped into the car and decided to go to our favourite local beach.  While driving I noticed a frog, a really big frog, at the side of the road.  I mentioned it to the family and my husband insisted that we turn around and go see it (I think he thought I was bluffing when I used my hands to describe how big it was but he assures me that is not the case)  So we turn around and find Mr. Frog.  By this time he is in the middle of the road.  Alex jumps out of the car and goes running into the middle of the rural highway and starts flagging his hands at the cars  and trucks protecting little (well, huge) Mr. Frog.  Continue reading