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Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting (with Poem)


Fleeting Memories

Fleeting memories of time gone by

Snuggles and cuddles

the warmth of your touch Continue reading


The Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


The Sign says: The Ranch on the River – RED – Riding, Horses for Sale

Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

What is should really say is come and have a wonderful Christmas horse back ride in the snow! Continue reading

Weekly photo Challenge: Escape


I love laying back in the poolside chairs while the kids splash and play and checking out the beautiful view 😉


The Granby Zoo in Granby, Quebec, Canada is one of our favorite places to go with the children.  I would love to escape for a day away here with the family.


Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above




How I long to once again,

look down from above,

to the younger version,

of the eyes from my kids whom I love!


And of course where there are children there are cookies! Here are our gingerbread cookies that we each made over Christmas. One for every member of the family.  Mrs. and Mr. in the middle.  For more on my family adventures check out my Mommy blog at Writings of a Mrs Mommy

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Culture

I feel that there are so many representations of culture in this image. From the messages on the signs, the people, the art, the music, photographers, the location, advertisements, to the scantily clad woman in the billboard. Take some time to really look into it and you will find more and more representations of culture.
Photo taken in Time Square New York City

Weekly Photo Challenge: UP






I don’t usually do these types of challenges but I couldn’t resist this one.


I love that there are 3 images of buildings, three generations of buildings. They get higher and higher.  This is what came to my mind when I read express UP.  How much further up can we and are we willing to go?