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Get published! All submissions included! This weeks Storetry Tuesday for poets and writers!

Just a reminder to those that are interested or those who would like to join for the first time please submit your contributions to this weeks ‘storetry’ to writingsofamrs@outlook.com.  In the subject line please include Stuff it Poem or Stuff it Paragraph.  All submissions will be included along with being published in a free e book that I will be writing with your contribution, name and blog address included in the same format as the ‘storetry’ is displayed on my blog. Please submit by Monday June 17th by 6pm Eastern Time.

This is a personal challenge and collaboration idea.  You may participate as often as you like but only one submission per week.  Please keep submission PG rated.  Be sure that your contribution stays true to your style of writing to showcase yourself and lead people to your blog and that it can flow between other peoples submissions as well which will be part of the challenge for you.  Your part is to fill the middle of the story that I have started and finished with either one paragraph of roughly 5 sentences or 1 poetry verse of 5 lines.  My challenge then becomes attempting to make it all flow as I will use and combine all of the submissions to create a ‘storetry’, part story, part poem.

For more information take a look at the Tab on my Home page.  There you will find the break down and previous ‘Storetries’ This will be the 7th installment. I will only be doing 10! So please participate!

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Get to know my family through photos, Sundays

How do you like to spend your Sundays?  This Sunday we are off to the beach then off to Montreal for dinner.

Welcome to some peeks into our family and how we like to spend our Sundays.  You know your curious, after all we live in the day and age of reality TV right?

For more on my Family visit my Writings of a Mrs Mommy blog.


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Weekly Photo Challenge: From Above




How I long to once again,

look down from above,

to the younger version,

of the eyes from my kids whom I love!


And of course where there are children there are cookies! Here are our gingerbread cookies that we each made over Christmas. One for every member of the family.  Mrs. and Mr. in the middle.  For more on my family adventures check out my Mommy blog at Writings of a Mrs Mommy