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3 Little Problems of the Creative Mind


They spend so much time looking through the lens knowing the importance of capturing a moment, the moment so that it can forever be shared with the world but yet so often missing out on living in the moment.


They can’t wait to tell their story.  When it’s time to write, it’s time, you can only wait so long before the idea passes or your muse leaves, often wishing to record moments of the past forgetting to participate in the present.


They get so engrossed in the stories and facts they read that they long for the next moment that they can escape back to their story.

So really there is one problem, often the problem of existing and living in the moment.

So live your passion but don’t forget to also live your life, in the moment!



The Weekly Photo Challenge: The Sign Says


The Sign says: The Ranch on the River – RED – Riding, Horses for Sale

Mt. Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

What is should really say is come and have a wonderful Christmas horse back ride in the snow! Continue reading

PAY DAY THURSDAY COLLABORATION with Jessica from The Carpenter’s Quill

Welcome back for another installment of Pay Day Thursday.

Today I would like to introduce you to Jessica.  She approached me with a desire to collaborate and to have a letter exchange type dialogue.

ImageJessica’s Blog is The Carpenter’s Quill

So what is your name, age and where are you from?
My name is Jessica Carpenter, and I will be turning the big 3-0 next month. We currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. Originally from Victorville CA! Continue reading

Welcome, the poem, soon to be ‘spoken word’

I created this poem to perform as spoken word for my first Pay Day collaboration turning my Gravy Baby poem to song Introducing Ray the Musical Poet.  It was to be my intro but I’m not nearly ready to attempt spoken word yet, it’s quite the challenge.  If you don’t know much about spoken word I encourage you take a look.

I want to share the poem with you.  I’m excited to get it ready to perform.  This poem puts into word my passion for collaboration of the arts, to create something new.




This Blog has been viewed by 94 countries worldwide, that blows my mind!  I want to say a warm welcome to people from all countries and all nations!

Happy Monday and Welcome!


Artists unite,


In unity

Of our earth,

Of our people

From our passions that burn with in

The belly of the earth

Continue reading

Weekly photo Challenge: Escape


I love laying back in the poolside chairs while the kids splash and play and checking out the beautiful view 😉


The Granby Zoo in Granby, Quebec, Canada is one of our favorite places to go with the children.  I would love to escape for a day away here with the family.


Next Weeks Tuesday Stuff it ‘Storety’ Challenge: Opening Paragraph and closing poem. Join in! I include all submissions!

Time for this weeks Stuff it Tuesday Collaboration. Continue reading

44 days, 18,900 views 2,450 followers!? I NEED A GUEST BLOGGER ASAP! Read more…

My Pay Day Thursday collaborator bailed on me (so frustrating!)  I want to still Pay it Forward so I am giving you the opportunity to guest blog.

Email your ready to go photos etc. guest blog and I will give it a read.  I will choose one out of the bunch that I liked and post links to the other submitters that I didn’t select.

Please keep it clean. PG rated please.

Send your guest blog to writingsofamrs@outlook.com with Guest Blog in the subject bar.I will accept emails until Wed. night 8pm eastern time.

I will post the blog on Thursday 2:00pm eastern time.  Check back to see if your post was selected.

I have a lot of people waiting to collaborate but I wanted to make this open to whomever.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below.

Thank you,

Weekly Writing Collaboration Challenge with the Mrs. For writers, poets and photographers…come on I know you have the ‘write’ stuff!


So I have come up with a weekly collaboration idea!  I challenge you as writers and poets to “stuff” my opening and closing paragraphs with a written paragraph of no more than 5 sentences or a poetry verse of 6 lines that would fit as the “stuffing” of the story.

But don’t do this… Continue reading