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The Loon’s Cry


The Loon’s Cry

Outside the tent

Darkness and giant trees swaying in the wind.

The lake is moaning in it’s troubled sleep.

And far across the lazy lapping waves,

Above the crooning of the wind,

I hear a wild loon crying,

Like a weary soul alone in the dark water. Continue reading


Generations of Ancestors

The layers and layers of generations of our ancestors

Whose feet rested upon the Earth

Whose heads lay cradled upon their arms

Singing their merry songs of the time around the fire

Star gazing

Pondering life’s mysteries

Continue reading

Natures Love Song

The tree covered hill tops

Alive with the chirping of birds

Their songs echoing

Providing solace and joy to my soul

They sing their song

Encouraging nature along,

Natures love song

Giving rise to the earth


© Jennifer David 2013