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PAY DAY Introducing Ray the Musical Poet

Welcome to the very first Pay Day Thursday!

This will happen weekly on Thursdays from here on in.

If you are interested on collaborating please click here.

Now I would like to introduce you to Ray the Musical Poet


Hi Ray.  Thank you so much for taking the time and interest in wanting to collaborate with my Pay Day Thursdays, paying it forward.   You are the very first! So Cheers to you.

Ray and I decided to share poetry with song. I gave Ray the freedom to take my poem Gravy Baby and put it to rhythm and turn it into a song.  We will share the results of our collaboration at the end of the interview.

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29 Days, 11,000 hits. 1,800 followers (1,100 from Word Press!) Read this if you are interested in Pay it Forward Thursdays. PAY DAY

Hey everyone.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to start a blog and to write. It was also to go the gym regularly but that didn’t last too long!  The blogging, well I am almost one month into it now and I have no intention of slowing down.  I’m loving writing and the blogging community and starting projects like PAY DAY

That being said I started a google + (writingsofamrs Jennifer) account with a You Tube Channel.  Here is the address to the Channel it is still under construction but please feel free to sign up (however you do that!?)  http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr13m4Cz8ZUgelYk1Lokudw .  The primary reason for this is for the ‘release’ or ‘debut’ of Rays rendition song Gravy Baby, along with any other future projects.  Please bare with me because I really am walking in the dark trying to make all of this happen.  I really appreciate all of your support and encouragement.  If anyone has any helpful info for me on how to manage the You Tube channel etc that would be excellent!

I will be posting an intro video followed by Rays video that you can link to through my blog in my PAY DAY Thursday post around 2:00 pm my time.  I will give more info about the upcoming Thursdays collaborations along with some other general information.

I’m looking for other song writers, musicians, DJ’s, performers etc to collaborate with so if you know anyone that might be interested please have them contact me!  But make sure that they read my original Pay Day post first.  ( I don’t need any emails with people asking me for money!) Any one else that would like to participate please contact me by email, it’s easier for me to keep on top of it that way. writingsofamrs@outlook.com

Thank you again for all of your inquiries.  I am doing my best to keep on top of responding to all of the emails and to also keep on top of my comments and my posts and engaging with the Word Press community!


Happy New Year!! My ‘crown’ says Bonne Anne which means Happy New Year in french. (better late then never right?)


Repeat, Replay


Do you ever feel that you are stuck on replay?

Do you ever do the very things that you tell yourself you want to change or never do again but then turn around and do the same darned thing?  Does someone in your life keep telling you things will change only to repeat the same pattern over and over?

I think we all have loops in our lives.  I also think that it’s important to break free from them.

When I listen to music I play my new favorite song over and over, to the dismay of all those around me!  But this is not the kind of loop I want to break free from.  Everyone can block their ears if they don’t like it!  Pretty easy solution don’t you think?

Not all loops and repeats in our lives are as easily solved as this.

I don’t begin to pretend I know how to accomplish this but what I do know is that it’s important to be aware of the areas that we are stuck on repeat and attempt break free from them. Identifying that they exist is key.

 Who would want to be stuck on replay everyday, or week, or month or year?  I don’t think any of us would. 

Forward thinking.  Not hula hoop thinking.


         Photo props: http://www.flickr.com/photos/christianmontone/


Challenge yourself.

Change yourself.

Get out of your comfort zone and stop living life on repeat.

Put down the hula hoop.

Mean what you say and say what you mean.

Excuse me while I go and hit replay again on my iPod.

Now for a poem.








Same words everyday,

Stated in a different way.

Upon the sunrise

I want to sing,

Then I see your eyes


They are clouded,

Cloaked in empty promises

Memories of a forgotten time


Even the buds are withered

Not yet full grown,


Plucked and thrown

Potential unknown





Same words every day



What are you listening to on repeat lately? (Literally or figuratively)
Let me know. Email or comment box.

My top 2 as of late:

 Icona Pop – I love it


Phillip Phillips – Home