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It’s not always so easy to forget

How am I so forgetful? Yet I always seen to remember you.  The one thing I want to forget.  Woman with dark hair wearing a black lace shirt with a smirk on her face
A piece I wrote back in 2019 (posted on my instagram)

I never ever thought there would come a time that I would get over my ex let alone find someone who could be as kind, romantic, playful and gentle.  I felt like no one could ever ‘fill his shoes’ the bar had been set pretty high… and it wouldn’t even be fair to anyone to attempt a relationship.  The few times I tried I ended things quickly just feeling discouraged.  I considered myself lucky to had even had the opportunity to have a love like I had with my ex. 

I felt these things and this way because I wasn’t yet fully healed.

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Hand in hand


I walk and wait

My state

Of mind


Drowning (in my own fears)

Frowning (the lost years)

The birth

Of new life


Rooms away

Reminders of a different day

Full of cries of life

Not anguish and strife

Tears pooling my eyes

I dare not blink

I want the tears to dry

For I fear if I cry

Let a single tear drop

My heart may just stop

Along with yours

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Deep Rooted Yearning


Deep Rooted Yearning


Tossing, turning,
stomach churning,

Heartburn, burning

Deep rooted yearning

For me to arrive


You wake


Rub your belly


Swollen with new life

With me


We are connected,

Through life giving ties


That led to my demise

The gift of life



You will never look into my eyes


Tossing, turning,
stomach churning,

Heartburn, burning

Deep rooted yearning

Longing for me to arrive




Please show support and understanding to the many women who lose a child during pregnancy or childbirth.  They will never have the opportunity to look into their child’s eyes.


Please watch this educating video.
In the first segment, my cousin through marriage, Carol McMurrich speaks about Empty Arms Bereavement Support that she founded, and the need for support of miscarriage, stillbirth and infant loss. If only such support was available everywhere.