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The Ring

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Photo Credit: Alfonse Pagano

The Ring

My skin goose bumps

I feel so small

As I crawl back

Into my corner


And bruised


Like an old time boxer

Ready to retire Continue reading




She is led under

As she wanders through the hollows of her mind

wondering what she will find

She stumbles upon memories of glass

That shine as bright as the suns first glow

Lined up in tidy rows Continue reading

PAY DAY THURSDAYS: Artisit meets poet: Maryrose Smyth

I’d like to introduce you to Maryrose Smyth.

She is a fantastic, artistic and expressive personality with beautiful art.  Maryrose approached me asking to collaborate.  She asked me to write a poem to one of her pieces.

Mayrose’s art work can be found on her website www.studiosmyth.com

And her blogs:



So let’s learn a little more about Maryrose.

Image1. What is your name and where are you from? Continue reading