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Create the mess

Couple man and woman holding a slab with with pottery that they made with clay on their hands showing what they created with 3 bowls in a rustic pottery class room both smiling with the text backwards dress hot mess hell yes and I created none the less on the image
Leon and I in Merida, Mexico taking our first pottery class through Airbnb Experiences in June 2021

I woke up one morning in June with an inner knowing I had to take a pottery class. To fully embrace and to help me to understand the lessons of the Creator and the creation. This is something I’ve been researching for a book and program I’m putting together.

When you sit at the potters wheel you need to take great care.  You need to give much attention to detail. Just the right amount of water. Keep the wheel spinning at just the right pace. Taking care with the pressure as just the slightest move can make the pot unbalanced and have it tumble over. 

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PAY DAY THURSDAY: Introducing Jim The Running Son



So this week I have collaborated with Jim, The Running Son in my first ever attempt at a ‘poetry’ battle, poem collaboration!

Don’t forget to vote at the end!

Let’s find out a little more about Jim.  The drum roll please…..


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In between, places yet unseen

Have you ever felt in between?

Excited to be places yet unseen?

Embarking on a new or scary venture?

But knowing that it’s right? 

That is how I have been feeling today.

Take courage my friends and trust in yourself and your intuition.


In honor of National poetry month, here is my one and only poem.


This was written during a time of pondering faith and science in Feb. 2009

In between

Heaven, earth
Creator, creation
faith, manipulation
joy, exasperation
Belief, trust
hardened crust
They’ve seen the light
about to take flight
to places unseen,
somewhere in between
Bipedalism, microorganisms
evolution, pollution
surreal, secular appeal
be like me, trinity
cross symbolism
fleshly heroism
Glorified Gods
isolated pods.
They’ve seen the light
about to take flight
to places never seen,
somewhere in between.
realities foliage

I think that was a poem, either way I love words.