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Becky and the Black Labs

So I am going to see my friend this afternoon. 

Around 2:00. 

We both have black labs, husbands and children (well, she has a child).

Our dogs love to run and play together.  They get along so well. 

I love to watch Maya roll around and chase Bailey. 

They have returned home from the nature trails and nearby woods with their tongues

hanging to the side and each other’s saliva turned to icicles hanging off of their mouths. 


My friend and I pause our conversations to watch them when they come to the

sliding door, to check in with us and laugh.  It makes us smile. 

Now that winter is leaving us I am sure they will return a muddy mess.

I’m glad they have each other. 

I’m glad that I have her.



Lady (Becky)

So there’s this lady that I know,

She challenges me to grow.

Our conversations just flow.

We crunch on baby carrots and sip on tea,

Time together just her and me,

no family

I am such a thinker, ponderer, wanderer,

She helps me challenge that voice,

quiet it if you will, make it still

So that I can reflect and inspect,

put myself in check,

Like I said there’s this lady that I know,

She challenges me to grow.

She’s someone you should know.


Friendship is a powerful thing. 

Do you have a friend that’s different from the rest?

What is it about the person that is so unique and refreshing for you?

Please share in the comment section below, I would love to know!