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The Loon’s Cry


The Loon’s Cry

Outside the tent

Darkness and giant trees swaying in the wind.

The lake is moaning in it’s troubled sleep.

And far across the lazy lapping waves,

Above the crooning of the wind,

I hear a wild loon crying,

Like a weary soul alone in the dark water. Continue reading


By the Fire

Sitting by the fire

It pops and crackles

Snapping like a crispy cracker

Except louder

Each crackle

And pop makes my heart stop

Makes me want to burst into flames

A burning pain

In my soul Continue reading

Fire Bugs

Fire Bugs

Do you see them he says to me

No Dad, I can’t see them how can that be?

You have to look closer then you will see

The flickering fire bugs jumping from the tree



Romancing. Continue reading