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Sublime Retreat

I love to dance. I always have. I used to love going out to dance clubs with my girlfriends back in my younger days before life took over. 

Now I turn on the music in my kitchen and dance like I’m in a club. 

I dance for me because it energizes me, releases happy endorphins and reminds me that in those fleeting moments I’m just me. 


Not a mother or a daughter. 

Not a sister or a wife. 

Not a role model or a coach. 

Just me.

It’s these sweet escapes that we often forget to make time for, as we get older, more responsible and entangled with more responsibilities.

I think it’s important as life ticks on by that we remember the sweet things that brought us joy and freedom before we had to become responsible for life and for others. 

Always remember the things that made your heart soar, that made you feel free and joyous. 

If you can’t remember what that was or if you never have found something that makes your spirit soar I encourage you to find it, embrace it and dance like no one is watching.



Sublime Retreat


Feel the rhythm

Moving through you

The throbbing of the sound

People all around


Heavy breathing

Lights a glow



The room is warm

The mood is sweet


Lost in the sound

move like no one is around

Lost in the soothing rhythm of the beat

Swept away,

Sublime retreat



Happy Friday!!  Cheers to the weekend!!