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Carefree Joy

boy, toy, play, rest, imagination


The carefree joy

Of a little boy and his toy

the sounds come easy

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Exclamation points, a childrens poem

I over use exclamation points!

It must be my passion trying to pour out of me.

I really don’t mean to yell.

I often feel like a young child, bouncing up and down trying so patiently to not interrupt. Big eyes looking up longingly, waiting for the right time, unsure when that is, all the while pulling and tugging at arms and pants to help hold back the words, until it erupts, interrupts.

It’s exciting to write and it’s exciting to be alive!

So I will over use my exclamation marks!

Live with passion.

Live the life that you were meant to live.

Be alive.

Pour over into the lives of those around you.

Cup of Water

Pitter, patter

Chitter, chatter

What’s the matter?

Father, father I need some water

Scitter, scatter

Teeter, totter

Daughter, daughter, here’s your water

“Dedicated to my husband, the Father of the Daughter that gave the cup of water, many a night!”


photo props: http://www.ecoproducts.com/powerpoint_slides.html


Little Dogs, in Little Purses

ImagePhoto credit: http://magazine.ucla.edu/depts/quicktakes/pampered_pets/

Little Dogs, In Little Purses

(a children’s poem for a children’s book)

Little dogs

In little purses

Little bows and diamond collars

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Rainbow filtered Light



Rainbow filtered light


As unicorns fly by



Glittering glints

Of moisture droplets

Shine upon the glimmering

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Weekly photo Challenge: Escape


I love laying back in the poolside chairs while the kids splash and play and checking out the beautiful view 😉


The Granby Zoo in Granby, Quebec, Canada is one of our favorite places to go with the children.  I would love to escape for a day away here with the family.


Butterfly Box



The Butterfly Box


There once was a little girl,

With rosy cheeks and hair all a curl.

She loved to dance and she loved to play

In her very own innocent way

Until one day

She didn’t want to dance

And she didn’t want to play

She had all these feelings

that would not go away

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Shore to shore, what was I born for?

So I was talking with my little guy last night.  He is 5 years old and in full day senior kindergarten.

He’s been biting his nails lately so I asked him if anything was upsetting or bothering him.  He said that he got anxious at school.  When I asked why he said it was with large groups of people.  He said everyone wants to play with him (which is great!) but he only likes to play with a few children at a time and when the group gets large it worries him. 

Some of us do well in large groups while others prefer to have small groups or even one on one time.  While I am all about being true to yourself and listening to your inner voice, there are times that we have to get out of our comfort zones, venture to places that are unknown and uncomfortable for that is where you will find the most growth. 

When I asked my son why he thought that he was anxious in large groups he replied

“I wasn’t born for that.” 

What a puzzling, wise response.

How does a 5 year old know what he was or was not born for?

Do we not ask ourselves every other day why am I here? Why was I born? What is my purpose?

While I wonder away and stand in awe of my 5 year old that knows and identifies so well with himself and his feelings I will hold him close and reassure him that there is no need to bite his nails and that he was indeed born for me.


ImagePhoto taken last spring in Lagoon City, Ontario.  


Shore to shore


I will keep you safe.
Follow me.

I will show you how.



But not too far,



But not too much,


Swim but stay in line


When you get your wings


You may fly,

Oh me oh my,


Follow me


Stay in a row

a learning we will go


You are protected in the row,


Mummy in front,


Daddy behind.


When you fly off into the world

Daddy will always have your back


And I Mother,

Will always be here to guide you,

When you need me.


Oh, little gosling

You swam so sweetly

Followed in a row


Stay, follow me every where I go..


No, it’s time


Open your wings

You need to stretch,


You need to soar

From shore to shore


Oh my little gosling from before,


I know you can fly

I’ve seen you try


But tell me,

How will I say goodbye?



Little guy, otherwise known as Adam