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Carefree Joy

boy, toy, play, rest, imagination


The carefree joy

Of a little boy and his toy

the sounds come easy

light and  breezy Continue reading

My Garden of Eden

As I sit here beside her

Snuggled and being together

I am in awe of her beauty

Her sweetness. Continue reading

Exclamation points, a childrens poem

I over use exclamation points!

It must be my passion trying to pour out of me.

I really don’t mean to yell.

I often feel like a young child, bouncing up and down trying so patiently to not interrupt. Big eyes looking up longingly, waiting for the right time, unsure when that is, all the while pulling and tugging at arms and pants to help hold back the words, until it erupts, interrupts.

It’s exciting to write and it’s exciting to be alive!

So I will over use my exclamation marks!

Live with passion.

Live the life that you were meant to live.

Be alive.

Pour over into the lives of those around you.

Cup of Water

Pitter, patter

Chitter, chatter

What’s the matter?

Father, father I need some water

Scitter, scatter

Teeter, totter

Daughter, daughter, here’s your water

“Dedicated to my husband, the Father of the Daughter that gave the cup of water, many a night!”


photo props: http://www.ecoproducts.com/powerpoint_slides.html


Little Dogs, in Little Purses

ImagePhoto credit: http://magazine.ucla.edu/depts/quicktakes/pampered_pets/

Little Dogs, In Little Purses

(a children’s poem for a children’s book)

Little dogs

In little purses

Little bows and diamond collars

In little purses worth a million dollars! Continue reading

Rainbow filtered Light



Rainbow filtered light


As unicorns fly by



Glittering glints

Of moisture droplets

Shine upon the glimmering

Shimmer of the silvery mane Continue reading