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And so it begins…

So, today I decided to start a Blog, not unlike it seems, the entire free world. 

After searching the internet far and wide, researching for tips from the pro’s on how to set up a Blog, how to successfully write a Blog, how often to write in your Blog, I discovered one major theme across them all.  Have a specific direction or idea.  Have a topic or a purpose. 

They say don’t write about your love of birds, write about a specific bird but you see, I don’t have a bird, most definitely not a specific bird.  I know a little but not a lot about all of the animal kingdom and I also find all of it equally fascinating and worth expressing thoughts and opinions about. 

So let’s get to specifics, boiling it down to a theme, this was a problem.  Yes, I say was because I found the common theme, my bird, my love of writing. 

Where to begin?  What to do with this passion of mine for writing?  I want to share my current directionless journey, right from the beginning, through a Blog on how I attempt to share my thoughts and ideas with the world through writing. 

So I will Blog about my journey towards becoming a published, read author/writer/blogger, while sharing my self, my musings, thoughts, books and papers with you along the way. 

Hopefully together we can walk away from this journey enlightened and successful or in the very least, better acquainted.