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50,000 Views in 5 months

ImageAfter a quiet summer of little blogging and in 5 months total, I’ve hit 50,000 views on my blog!

Thank you so much for all of your support and encouragement!

When I started my blog I had no idea what to expect or even any idea what to write about.  The journey has evolved on it’s own and I’m so amazed that even one of you actually wants to read my poetry and posts so thank you so much for helping me build confidence in my writing.  There is much more to come I assure you!

I know over the summer my Pay Day Thursdays were interrupted along with the weekly ‘Storetries’ but they will return in October for those of you that are wondering and interested!

Also, the ads that keep popping up at the end of my posts are not there by my choice, Word Press just decides to put them where they want…for now.

*does a little happy dance*


3 Months of Blogging: 42,000 views, 4050 followers and the ‘Tricks of the Trade’

It is officially my 3 month blogging anniversary is today!

My how time has flown by!

People have been asking me quite often how I got readers and traffic.  People want to know the ‘tricks of the trade’ so to speak.

Well, let’s begin with this.

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Revisited the poem, 9 years of marriage

So today is my 9 year wedding anniversary. 

I won’t bore you with describing how fantastic of a friend, man, husband, father, son and brother that Alex is.  I hit the man jack pot when we met.

Marriage is such a funny thing. 

I’m reminded of a line in the movie So This is 40 (such a great movie, if you can laugh at yourself as a wife/woman or a husband/man and at relationships)

There is a line in the movie when the 2 men/husbands are talking about their wives and marriage and what it would be like if their wife died (peacefully of course, their rationalizing, women like a widowed man) and what their second wife would be like. This is all just light-hearted chatter between friends.

It went something like this “God, I can’t wait to meet my second wife, I hope she likes me better than the first.”
Even typing it out makes me laugh.

And so it goes with marriage.

If you can laugh at it, it means that you are aware of the realities in that statement and therefore you will see the ‘real’ issues that are being addressed and hopefully take action to better your relationship.

My marriage is firey and fun.  I love the peaks and valleys, the good times and the bad times, acknowledging that and embracing it gives me confidence that my marriage is real and tangible, there for it will stand solid in a very real way.  The hardships that you work through in marriage make you stronger.  

The more seasons that you have weathered together successfully, the more confident you feel when the next storm arrives.   Like a journey on a sailboat you have beautiful days and stormy days and that is expected of the journey.  Hopefully you’ve packed well, brought all of the emergency supplies and things that you will need and then you can feel safe and prepared for the journey ahead.

My husband has been sailing since he was a young boy.  He knows how to both prepare for the journey and sail through a storm and I’m thankful for that. 



Alex rowing me out for a morning sunrise at the cottage




A vast array

Of sentiments to say


But really it’s just another day

In our travels


Filled with seasons and temperatures

Wilted, about to fall,

A day so hot,

we need to shade ourselves


A commitment to time,


Paths chosen,




But always together

 Hand in hand

We walk


One step blossoming

One step faded


Our footprints have left a path

In many a place

 A shared look upon our face


 Take my hand

And take the lead,

I will follow you indeed.



Photo props: I didn’t ask Alex if he minded me using this photo, I hope he doesn’t mind appearing half naked for the world to see, maybe he will sue me..

Cheers to us babe!!

Happy Anniversary.