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The 1 thing that writers/bloggers need to know before they begin.

While I have loved my journey of blogging and writing so far, the one aspect of it that I wasn’t prepared for was how socially isolating it is!  It can be weighty for your average social butterfly like me.

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I love social media and corresponding and working with fellow artists through my blog.  I email with so many people, Skype chat, we comment on each others blogs, Tweet and facebook and I have developed a great fondness for many of my readers and people that I collaborate with but it can still feel ‘impersonal’.   Continue reading


2 Months, 30,000 views and 3,200 followers!

It has been 2 beautiful months!  My, how the time has flown by!


It has been quite  the journey thus far!  I have a poetry e book in the works and my Tuesday Stuff it ‘Storetries’ for collaborating and challenges that I will publish along with everyone’s submissions and blog references!  If you’d like to participate please look for the ‘Storetries’ in my blog posts and there is a Stuff it Challenge Tab on my main page.  I have also started a second blog that is more aimed at family life (I have 8 kids) and what not that is now 2 weeks in with 3,800 views and 900 followers, it’s looking to beat this blogs records with companies approaching me with free sample offers in exchange for reviews and free giveaways to my readers!


I am so thankful that I started this journey and I can’t find the words to encourage you all to continue on with following your dreams!  Keep writing!

Please check out my Facebook Page where you can find funny and inspiring quotes and photos of my day to life etc my Twitter account Continue reading

The Impossible. A movie review?

the-impossible-2012-movie-wallpaper01For a real review you can check here/ photo props:

I am a big movie buff.  I would even go as far as to say that I prefer to watch a movie over  reading a book. *gasp*.  I love the big screen, the loud sound and watching writers words and tales come to life!  I also love eating unhealthy, yummy, buttery popcorn.  It’s the little things in life right? Continue reading

This is not your typical Mother’s Day Story or Tribute

This is my Mothers Day Tribute or Story but sadly it isn’t what you would typically expect to read.
Please give it a read on Mommy blog.
Thank you and Happy Mothers day to all of you Mums out there!

Writings of a Mrs Mommy

This is not your typical Mothers Day story or tribute.  It is a real story of love, tragedy, sorrow and grief.  Sadly this isn’t a story at all, it’s a reality, my reality.

I went to school for funeral services, it is a two year program. One year in school and the second year is a paid internship year that you work in funeral services and also complete assignments.  To graduate from the program and get your license you must then pass a practical examination and final exams for school and then you have to write board exams.  Two days of intense examinations.

During my time as an intern I had to deal with many families and every situation was always emotionally heightened given the circumstances.  I often had to dig deep with in myself to deal with the weightiness of what it means to be a funeral director on…

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I decided to split my blog and create a mother blog.  This new blog will be about my journey as a Mom, wife, homemaker, order taker and over all life as a Mother to 8 children.

I will use this blog as I always have but on the other I will write more about my kids and the joy’s and journey of parenting, home renovating, marriage, recipes etc

I wanted to have a ‘my space’ that is separate from the day to day on goings of Mother hood.  Please join me on my journey as it spreads.

So I welcome you to join me at
It’s up and running now, so go and take a peak.

The first official post will be on Mother’s Day.  Isn’t that fitting?