Speak of the Things you Seek

Palace of Versailles back garden area woman laying on stone fence infront of the lake and gardens area wearing an orange shirt with light blue short pants with dark hair in a bun looking out to the garden with text on image saying speak of the things you seek
Photo of me in the Palace of Versailles gardens in June 2019

There is much power in verbally expressing your hopes, dreams, desires and goals. 

When we are young we naturally talk about our hopes for our lives – I want to be a pilot…. I will be this…. I will do that is part of daily conversations but somewhere down the life path we seem to stop stating these dreams and fantasies. Maybe it’s because we feel that we need to ‘grow up’ and face the facts and live in the ‘real world’…. how many times have we heard these kinds of statements through out our lives?  And truthfully have you bought into that?

There is such power and strength in speaking of what we are seeking. Talk about your dreams and fantasies, your hopes and missions, your causes and conditions. 

There is much involved with manifestation and it’s principles, much more than I can get into here but I challenge you today to find someone, anyone and have a conversation about what your best life looks like. And if you aren’t comfortable with that then speak it to yourself in the mirror. 


And by all means let the world know here too – I’d love to know what you long for!… 

Channel that innocent inner child you have and play some ‘make belief’ (or as I like to call it intention manifestation) … allow space for you to get excited about life and it’s possibilities.

I know times are challenging and hard but we (humanity) are resilient and we will make it through this phase of living and life (God – Universe willing) and be right ready for a new kind of normal when the time arrives. 

Why wait?

Have a ‘play date’ today! 

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