Create the mess

Couple man and woman holding a slab with with pottery that they made with clay on their hands showing what they created with 3 bowls in a rustic pottery class room both smiling with the text backwards dress hot mess hell yes and I created none the less on the image
Leon and I in Merida, Mexico taking our first pottery class through Airbnb Experiences in June 2021

I woke up one morning in June with an inner knowing I had to take a pottery class. To fully embrace and to help me to understand the lessons of the Creator and the creation. This is something I’ve been researching for a book and program I’m putting together.

When you sit at the potters wheel you need to take great care.  You need to give much attention to detail. Just the right amount of water. Keep the wheel spinning at just the right pace. Taking care with the pressure as just the slightest move can make the pot unbalanced and have it tumble over. 

Prior to beginning the class I wanted to know everything.  The entire process. How to do it?  Why we do it?  When do we do it?  Where is the best placement? I was inquisitive and required as much knowledge and direction as possible before being confident to begin the process. To start to create.

The teacher even remarked that I was the most inquisitive student he’s ever had and he found it odd that I wanted to know so much. Thank goodness it was a private class with just Leon and I! lol However he was extremely accommodating with me. But you see his asking me helped for him to better learn WHY I question.  It created an atmosphere for mutual learning and teaching. I knew that some lesson here was meant for me so I wanted to make sure I asked everything to learn from and absorb every moment.  All of the teachings at this point became very metaphorical for me. His observation also helped me to realize that sometimes I take too much time to learn.

Some times we have to let go and just trust the process.  We just need to do, to create. We need to trust and learn how to hear our intuition to allow the metaphor to exist. 

If we get wobbly and fall we must simply add more water and begin the moulding process again. Some times inaction can come in the disguise of getting prepared, educated etc.  Needing to feel more ready… But one will never be fully prepared if one never actually does the work and takes action.  We must be both a balance of student and teacher.  The creation and the Creator. What good is the student and the point of the teacher if he doesn’t then put into practice the teachings? After all, all the knowledge in the world will not create the pot. Only my hands, my action can do that. No one can build my pot but me.

Being a perpetual learner has often times gotten in the way of my ability to be an earner. Go figure.

potters table with clay pottery bowl and vase drying on slabs with a rolling pin and other potters tools on the table
some of our pottery creations

Side notes: I don’t particularly like the above photo of myself however I loved the experience and the lessons I learned that day and that’s what matters most. 

I also had my dress on backwards. ALL DAY. And when I realized it, I didn’t fix it.  I left it that way all day.  Even when we went to dinner afterwards.  It was symbolic.  It was purposeful.  Let things BE.  Trust the process. Show up as you are.  Make a damn mess, leave your hair a mess and show UP be present backwards dress and all. 

And guess what?

I still got to learn something new.

You can watch our potter experience in this video if you’d like!


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