Make big moves

Arundel Castle rose garden woman with dark hair in pony tail posed leaning on a sundial surrounded by big beautiful fascia coloured roses with the castle in full view behind
Striking a pose at the sun dial at Arundel Castle in the Rose Garden May 2019

I spent almost a month in England, twice, with Leon prior to his big move to Canada in October 2019, I’m keen to return to the castles, churches, history and my families home land.  I’m first generation born Canadian.

I’ve always been obsessed with castles and architecture ….Arundel Castle (in the first photo) is one of my all time favourites… the rose garden smelled like heavenly bliss. 🌸🌸

I’ve been to London, Manchester, Stone Henge, York and the Yorkshire Dales (we took a ride on the old steam train 🚂), visited Whitby the birth place and inspiration behind Bram Stokers Dracula and Bath.

Stone Henge on a cloudy day with green grass and upper torso of woman with dark hair in ponytail with a pink coat posed standing in front of the Stone Henge
Stonehenge, England September 2019

The last time we were in England we were packing things up, getting affairs settled, settling tenants, saying good bye to family etc. on top of country hopping through Europe to squeeze in a last road trip while Leon had his car.

I remember at the time all of the feelings I had of trepidation and pressure with the move. THIS was a BIG move. If we had difficulties with our relationship etc there was no where for Leon to go if I needed to establish boundaries for me and the kiddos. (blending a family is hard even under the most convenient circumstances) Leon was giving up everything (yet also gaining everything 🥰).

He would have no friends, no family, no one to go to if we were having difficulties in Canada. It was a lot of pressure for both of us, I knew it would be hard on him, also for me who finally had learned to accept and fully embrace my independence (something Leon was no stranger to – with him never having or dating anyone with children etc) and me having spent a life time caring for children and with 3 of mine at home still, biweekly….little did I know further into our journey I would be experiencing much of the same things as we embarked upon slow travelling the world.

But alas, here we are 2 and half years later… we survived all of that change and culture shock, lock down, immigration complications and the pandemic, drastic changes in our typical lifestyles, teenagers choosing to live in the city closer to work, school and friends with their Father much earlier than I had anticipated and yet another drastic change with slow travelling and living from our suitcases.

I guess my point is… trust the journey… embrace the trials and tribulations…accept life for the realities it presents to you, shoo away fear and defeat (don’t retreat) and take chances.

Life is just too damn short not to.

Make big moves.

The universe will match you.

If you make BIG moves it HAS to.

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