Write of the things you seek

Woman with dark hair in bun wearing an orange shirt standing facing the back of the Palace of Versailles with the blue sky showing in the top with text saying write the things you seek
Photo of me taken at back of the Palace of Versailles, France in June 2019

Not only do I believe that writing is one of the best forms of self therapy and self help/care there is but I ALSO believe the same to be true in the manifestation of goals and desires to bring forth your ideal vision for your life.

I encourage you to write it down. Write it all down! Your hopes, dreams, fantasies things that seem to be too big to be true. From the places you’d like to visit, to your ideal partner or career…what the best of a best friend or mate would be for you.

It’s different than goal setting because you can day dream and fantasize about what that life looks like for yourself. Like a little escape from reality for a while. I’ve always had an overactive imagination often day dreaming….as some would say with my head lost in the clouds. So this has always come natural for me.

There are many different ways to do this with scripting and repetitive line writing etc but this way is my favourite. I think it’s important to write it down for 2 reasons. The first to solidify the request and the second to have an actual documentation to look back upon to further encourage the process and to motivate you to do it further.

You can and even should really, write like it’s all already happened… doing so with childlike belief and excitement will make things happen even faster – TRUST ME.  I wish I had taken more notes of all the things that I’ve longed for, aspects of careers I wished I had and the reasons behind the why, things I wished I could do, that are all currently coming to a pivotal peak of manifestation becoming my reality.  But don’t forget I’m talking 20 years of believing but not ‘seeing’ and here it all is now.. One thing to keep in mind is that we often forget our dreams of the past….the things we wished for and hoped for as a teenager etc. Often times it can take a decade for these very things to actually show up in our lives. But they will and the first step is to acknowledge them and get really excited about the way life will feel, look and be once these things are actually realized.

So I encourage you to grab a journal and write down your wildest dreams. What do you have to lose really? And its also a wonderful way to improve your creative writing skills and to help you to identify and remind you of the things that really get you excited about life! And being excited about your present and future is one of the keys to happiness in my opinion!

There is indeed a full process to the art of manifestation which I will elaborate on more with time over the next few months but now is the best time to get started! 

Woman with dark hair in bun when an orange shirt and long blue jean shorts leaning back on stone fence over looking the gardens of the palace of versailles with a lake and greenery in the background
Back garden area of The Palace of Versailles, France 2019



  1. Stuart Danker

    Nice ideas. I’ve always benefitted from making a list, but actually writing down how my life would be if I’d achieved said goals is something I haven’t tried. Thanks for this suggestion!

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