I Heal



It’s been thirteen years,

It was a year that

I realized my fears

A year that I thought

I may drown in my own tears

The memory of it

Remains seared

On my heart

burned so deep

I’m charred


I felt abandoned

And Scarred

As the pain slowly erases

I analyze your many faces

For warning signs

Any remaining traces

Of doubt

I heal

I thought we were unstoppable

Record breakable

The kind of love that people talked about

The kind that would weather time

A rhyme of sweet perfection

We were them,

The couple that everyone wanted to be

Until we weren’t

Until you decided

To stop my breath

Until you left my heart in a perpetual state of arrhythmia

My beat was lost with out your own

Life support

Full blown

I heal

Everything happens for a reason

Everything in its season

But it felt like treason

I heal

I was filled with so much hope

And then I was strangled

And it was you that held the rope

The days that are filled with anger

I look at you like a stranger

That I don’t know

Like a person on death row

With no where left to go

So this is not a sweet anniversary poem

But it’s real

As I heal

The time apart we did defeat

The fears I will make retreat

I surrender

I try not to remember

But I am seared

Our love no longer to be revered

But it’s real

My heart now plated with steel

I heal

Copy Right Jennifer David 2016

Well it’s certainly been a long while since I’ve posted on my blog.  It was a rough year in the love department so much of my inspiration was lost….This poem may be rusty in flow but I’m sure it will return a little more smoothly with time!  I hope you all are well!  Jennifer



  1. Andy

    Welcome back Sofa Mrs! Lovely to see a familiar face suddenly pop up in my notifications-back from our formative blogging days 🙂 Hope you are well.

  2. wordsinsidemysoul

    It’s good to see you are back. The poem may have felt rusty to you, but heard it as the grit in the struggle to be healed agsin. Your voice was missed in the poetic world, I know it will grow strong again.

  3. maureenjenner

    Of time; the Lord made plenty, but not enough of those precious moments necessary to screw up the courage and resolution to put wandering thoughts into words – even on a screen. I’ve been there too. Although, over the past few years I have re-focused sufficiently to work and obtain a degree with the Open University which makes this recent octogenarian pretty chuffed. I loved your poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. I look forward to more in the future.

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