It’s been a while….

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She learns how to become a cook

How to become a runner

Promises on how to become a better lover

All from just skimming the cover…

She falls for it

She tumbles

Stumbling on the shoestrings

Of her sneakers

That in reality,
just make her meeker

And….shall I even say


Like a beacon

Of society that says

Here I am…

Look at me

I take notice

I read the cover

She takes all of the

Web sites Quizzes

And wonders why

Reality fizzes

In comparison

To the predictions…

Confused by the lack luster of it all …

She re reads the cover

She flips the pages

Creating rages inside her

Tormented with confusing desire

For the quick fixes

creating instantly air brushed wounds

On her soul

No quiz

No test

No comparison to the rest

Will reassure her

Of her

Reassure her

Of the beauty that radiates inside her

Not created from airbrushed strokes

Or trite words from know it all folks

It’s the discovery

She must find

Inside her own mind

And let go

Of the societal precedent she knows

To exude the light

And fight for the plight

Of discovering who she is

Because no cover

Can truly teach you to be a better lover

Or how to put others needs

Before your own

and if you claim you can get ALL that

just from skimming the cover

You need to discover

The true meaning

Of depth


 Jennifer David, 2015



  1. whittakerdanielj

    Very true. That’s a wonderful poem. We need to let go of what we’re taught, regardless of who it is and discover ourselves. This is an insightful poem. Thank you for writing it. Men also have this problem and frustration, but I think it’s more hidden. For myself it isn’t about “being manly” or “not crying”, its other things and that’s just how I am. We can’t compare ourselves to others. Again thank you for sharing this.

  2. syl65

    Awesome, Jennifer. True beauty is found inside, there is only the need to belief and have confidence in one’s self. Good to see your poetry 🙂

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