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  1. jaysentrueblood

    This, I know, will be one of the main points I bring up in one of my “how-to” books I am getting ready to write. The need for people who can speak and write correctly is becoming alarmingly greater and those who really can are becoming fewer. As a writer, I have found that good grammar is far more valuable than anything else we take for granted.

  2. raymondhopkins2014

    Bear in mind though, that grammar rules change over the years, perhaps especially in a thriving and dynamic language like English. Old English has a very different structure from that of the modern variety. Chaucer’s English is not always so easy to follow grammatically. Even the grammar I was taught as a child (several decades ago) has undergone a transformation in many ways. We don’t have to like it all – I certainly don’t – but we do need to remember that what is found useful will enter the language, and what is not, will disappear. Even then, to take only one example, US English grammar has certain differences from that of British English grammar. Both, of course, are quite correct.

  3. johnallenrichter

    So I picked up Grammar, last night, you know her, that blonde slut in the back of our 2nd period English class? Anyway, I take her out to that Italian restaurant on 3rd – man she was hot to trot! She told me that she thought my participles were dangling – and then she said that she’s into my dynamic modality! Man, I’m not sure but I think that means a three way! I just hope she doesn’t mean like other dudes…. She said it was homographic – so I think she meant another chic. She also said she wasn’t into metonymy, but I’m ok with it if she wants to date other dudes. It’s not like I’m gonna take Grammar home and introduce her to mom and dad! phhhhbbbbtttt…. That would put me in an awkward apposition, if you know what I mean….

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