water dance, woman, dancing, wet, dress, white dress, splash, confident


She drifted there

Buoyantly alone

The water gently caressing the known

Carrying her down the suppressed river

Recollections of her life made her shiver

She arose from her reverie,

Her backside wet from dismay

Her river of tears on display

She walked admirably across the water

Cleansing her feet

Her silk gown billowed tenderly

Upon her skin

Blowing delicately in the winds,

The winds composed

From the melodies of her sighs

The ‘oh me’ ‘oh my’s’

And the why’s?

And the lies…..

That she muttered,

Uttered on her murkiest days

But now she padded upon the waters of her past

Arose from the waters at long last

With her white silken gown

Forever wet

To remind her

Lest she ever forget

©Jennifer David 2014


  1. ywwp

    very nice composition and good you have a pic to relate..thats a good appeal
    a suggestion:
    Limit the count of tags+categories should not be more than 15. here it is higher. so this post will not appear to followers readers section. all the best, you may edit this post and reduce count of the tags. all the best. regards

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