One good thing about being close to 40….

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Image thanks to Smart Assy on Facebook


  1. Dave

    Ha. Indeed. Even a blog, because I know the 20-something drunk me would have been posting all sorts of rubbish.

    But don’t worry about the number – that’s all it is. 🙂

  2. elkelorraine

    I’m 43 and I miss those days. Not necessarily being younger but a time when our lives weren’t controlled by technology in every corner. I miss going out without a phone, and just getting home at the end of my day and listening to messages on the answering machine. People were more patient then. They had to wait before getting you on the phone. They didn’t stalk your every move. You could go out, have fun, care free without spending every minute checking a gadget for a missed call or text. We’ve lost our freedom. And yet I can’t leave my phone at home. I’ve become one of them.

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