Oh the great debate…
I love getting inspired by blog posts.
I happened upon this post today What’s good for the Soul do that and as I started to comment I realized that maybe I should start a discussion and  create a post rather than take up a page worth of his comment section!  The post is about racism, understanding, cultural differences and acceptance.  Below is what I hoped to post in his comment section in response to his post.


There is beauty in all things even in the people that appear to have no beauty.  Even in those who exude hatred.  There is a beauty with in them that is very hard to see and understand.  It is complicated and requires much time to untangle the actions and moments of their experience in life. Ignorance is such a complicated issue.  Society, culture, family, history and experience combine to create belief systems and thought patterns that many people are unaware they even possess.

Being a funeral director I see many people from many faiths, cultures, colors and creeds and let me tell you, we all look the same inside and we all will die.  We all grieve our loved ones.  We all  have a heart and soul.

I am a proud Canadian.  I love that we are aware and that we try.  That we are compassionate and tolerant as a government and a nation.  If only all of our citizens could stand for this and follow suit it would be superb but then again this is what happens in the initial ‘melting pot’ mentality of society.  That we must blend and not truly accept and encourage differences.  The more we aim to be a mosiac society and open ourselves to other nations, religions and cultures and make room for the coexistence, the more time it takes for society and new Canadians to accept and develop this mentality, often it takes generations.  To avoid the melting pot tendencies to blend (which is inevitable in some ways) and to accept and maintain the original hope and cause of what it truly means to be Canadian…colorfully beautiful.  Mosiac.




Melting Pot

a place where a variety of races, cultures, or individuals assimilate into a cohesive whole
a process of blending that often results in invigoration or novelty
Cultural Mosaicis the mix of ethnic groups, languages and cultures that co-exist within society. The idea of a cultural mosaic is intended to champion an ideal of multiculturalism



What are your thoughts and feelings about this issue?
How do you feel about the society and environment that you live in?
Do agree with a Cultural Mosaic society as an ideal or the Melting Pot approach, or neither?
Do you share the values and beliefs of those that you are surrounded with on a daily basis?

Please share your thoughts below in the comment section.  I look forward to reading what you have to share.

*Associated word of the day:  Cohesion*



  1. Vashti Quiroz-Vega

    I believe people should speak the language and follow the laws and rules of the country they live in. Other than that I believe people should have freedom to live their lives the way they want to as long as it doesn’t break the law or hurt anyone else. I think a country where everyone looks the same and have the same culture and religion is boring. I enjoy and appreciate the variations in different cultures.

  2. inkspeare

    In my Utopian dreams, I only see one race, one culture – the Human race with no boundaries, no labels, and a whole universe of possibility.

  3. teasingnotions

    I wish that could be true Inkspeare, I believe that is a planetary focus on life as a human being that society, rules, boundaries, and indifference have had longstanding impact. I remember years ago when I first noticed a bumper sticker that had a tremendous effect on my thinking – Think Globally; Act Locally – in that it caused me to realize that in order to be like that person in a country across the planet that I wanted to emulate, that I indeed needed to look locally for the resources to begin to have an opportunity to make effective change.
    The melting pot theory in my opinion has thankfully gone by the wayside as being rather passe in many people’s thinking as we gradually begin to educate our society upon the beauty and resource that exists within less ethnocentric measures and more ‘mosaic’ type philosophy to stick with the original starting point of this thread. I think my responsibility locally is to continue to emphasize the benefit of the mosaic, and we continue to grow together, hopefully myself as much as the people around me.

  4. ©Sara-Loretta Hardin

    We are all “one” in my eyes. Not a “color” not a “religion” not a “sexual preference”…….just human. I will continue to always embrace all humans and spread compassion. The world needs more of compassion and less war of people.

  5. Easter Ellen

    A fellow Canadian.. I feel the same. We are so blessed to be able to keep what our forefathers instilled into each generation and even several generations later, it is a great thing to be able to see other cultures passing down remnants of their ancestors values, habits and traditions. I am glad that we don’t meld, but happy that it works for us. Ever proud to be Canadian, I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

  6. bmagpub

    Hmmm…, can be a little tricky. Coming from Auckland, New Zealand, I live in one of the most culturally diverse cities of the world. I like the cultural mosaic idea – I have always preferred to look at society as a salad bowl rather than a melting pot. Any great salad has all the independent tastes, flavours, textures, etc, of the individual components, (hopefull) coming together in a harmonious mixture bound togther by a wonderful dressing! We need to recognise and celebrate our differences, while celebrating our likeness. And, we need to remember where we come from, in order to plan where we’re going. Nice post. 🙂

  7. todessakane2013

    I love your words and your sentiments!! I worked for Community Cohesion for a couple of years and I loved it. One thing I learned is that we all have the same values, hopes and dreams despite our differences. We all want the world to be a safe and happy place for our children to grow, we all want good health care and for our elderly to be taken care of properly, we all want good medical services and ultimately we all want to feel like we belong! If we treat others the way we want to be treated we can help make this world the kind of world we all dream of! Great blog, loved it thank you for sharing 🙂

  8. Adriene (A.D. Joyce)

    Nice post. Instead of a melting pot, I like the idea of a pot of gumbo, which has all kinds of flavors and ingredients. I’d like to think we can all live together in harmony and we can embrace each other’s differences.

  9. George Brown

    Australia, like Canada is place of multicultural assimilation and has been for most of it’s European history. it was biaes in the 40s, 50s and 60s with the “White Australia Policy” where non-whites were shunned. That policy no longer exists. For me, I don’t see colour, I only see people.

  10. lumar1298

    I believe all nations should unite… One common language; one common ground… But a Utopian society will never exist unless we govern from our hearts… Only in my dreams…

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