Legs Intertwined

Your denim and mine

Feels roughly fine


Jeans tight on your behind

With my hands in your back pockets

Your touch lights me up

Like a fire in a socket

Stop It!

Legs intertwined

Your denim and mine

Feels roughly fine


©Jennifer David 2014

Gotta love a great pair of jeans!



      • djmatticus

        Aw, a beach vacation sounds nice.
        Oh, wait, I live at the beach. 😉
        The Queen and I will heading up to Seattle in a bit for a little vacation. I’m excited for the rain and the trees and well, whatever else we can find up there to go adventuring.

      • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

        A get away is always nice no matter the weather.
        We’ve had a long cold winter this year here in Ontario with a lot of snow. I was in great need of some vitamin D!
        Enjoy your vacation, when it does happen!

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    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I am back! I had both of my Grandmothers pass away recently and a weeks vacation away. An up and down kind of month.
      I’m glad you enjoyed this poem. I guess there becomes a common theme when I write about my love, lust and affection towards Alex isn’t there!?
      When ever he kisses me too much in public etc. I always shoo him away and say Stop It with a smile. He appreciated this poem 🙂
      How is your writing coming along?

      • jazzytower

        It’s always lovely reading your poems. So romantic!!
        It gives me hope. Sorry to hear about your were lucky to have them in your life. Never knew either of mine. As for my writing. It’s an ongoing pleasure
        that I truly enjoy thanks for asking.

  2. Andy

    How’s things SofaMrs? It’s been a while!
    Not commented for a while, but Jackdaw Andy is still flying around your blog, enjoying your posts 🙂

      • Andy

        The usual-kids!!! Wife!!
        We’ve recently become a host family for students coming to Britain to learn English, and we have a nineteen year old Angolan student with us. Great experience for our kids too.
        I’ve recently reached the one year blogging milestone, so I guess you have too? We both started out together roughly the same time, I think? Gone fast hasn’t it, my WordPress sibling! Don’t worry if you don’t hear from me from time to time-I’m still with you 🙂

  3. trenity1234

    I love this line:
    “Jeans tight on your behind”

    I like to write about pictures as well. My friends sometimes wonder why I’m always taking pictures of random things, to which I reply “This is going to tell me a story when I look at it later!” 🙂

    Great little poem!

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