The Power of the Pink Pen

Pretty and pink as could be

If only they could see


As flirtatious

As she was gracious

As worldly

As her hair curly

She was fiery

Feelings she left in her diary

For she would be hung

If she was found speaking of such things

So young

Or maybe they would cut out her tongue

And splash it with rum

And interject

So she wouldn’t infect

The lack of respect

That being more than pretty in pink

Could inject

But let them tie her down

And make her drown

From her own words

For the lack of being free

To be more than a flower

With pretty pink bows

And girls standing in rows…

The mere idea made her cower

She was empowered

She longed to be free

From the ties

And all the lies

She longed for the demise

Of the pretty in pink

The pretty pink flower

And longed for the power

But for now

All she had was her pen

 She longed to rip off her bonnet

Be done with the sonnets

Of her time

She wanted to shred her dress

Rally the people to unrest

For freedom of desire

In the lust she conspired

To rebel

Black witchery she would sell

If it meant she could dispel

The pretty in pink façade

She grew tired of being a fraud

The women would applaud

The men would nod

In agreement of her cause

Creating new laws

Oh the faux pas!

Ohhh how she longed for the demise

Of the pretty in pink

The pretty pink flower

And longed for the powers that be

But for now

All she had was her pen

©  Jennifer David 2014

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strong women, pink, raise strong women, women, powerful



  1. brian miller

    ha. a really cool rhythm to this…would love to hear it spoken….and i like her bit of rebllious streak as well…inspiring the people toward freedom…wield that pen….smiles.

  2. claudia

    this reminds me of women in countries where it is difficult to openly say what you think and choosing the way through poetry or writing in general to change things

  3. indiekari10

    Beautiful writing, really. I love being able to use the word facade. Just the word itself has such a great meaning. Look forward to reading your writing.

  4. johnallenrichter

    This reminds me so much of a beautiful young bud desiring only to grow into a rose… concentrating on it so dutifully that she took little notice of being a bud… Pity that as a rose she should learn that being a bud was her greatest life….. Thoughtful poem..

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