Hand in hand


I walk and wait

My state

Of mind


Drowning (in my own fears)

Frowning (the lost years)

The birth

Of new life


Rooms away

Reminders of a different day

Full of cries of life

Not anguish and strife

Tears pooling my eyes

I dare not blink

I want the tears to dry

For I fear if I cry

Let a single tear drop

My heart may just stop

Along with yours

We cried


You and I

We were there for each other

We both understood

The greatness and loss

The loss of 2 great men

Your Husband and son
My Grandfather and Father

Yet here I am, again

For you

Without your support

I try to stand

In the very spot

We once stood

Hand in hand

to mourn.

In loving memory of my Grandmother.
© Jennifer David 2014



  1. mishunderstood

    I am so sorry for your loss, Jennifer. As personal as these words must be to you, they really convey to others how special your relationship was with your grandmother. Your gift of writing is a gift of healing.

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