The Grin


Art: Valencia Pierre

I can feel it creeping in

The little corners of my mouth

Want to turn against me and give in

To an awe inspired grin

He has this way

Of getting in

To me

Penetrating my thickened armor

That protects the resentment I long to harbor

But his goofy prying

Always trying

To remind me

During the frustrating moments

That I won’t crack

Or have a heart attack

If I smile

For little while

He is a skillful opponent

(Or maybe teacher

In the moment)

There’s no hiding

And no denying

My true feelings

From him

My true opponent

Is my grin
That defies me

Or does it remind me…?

©Jennifer David 2014



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  2. raecheldawn

    SO great! I am not getting emails sent anymore from your blog or others I follow…do you have any insight as to how I could fix that?? I think it is my email or a setting I am not sure.

    • Jennifer Writings of a Mrs

      I haven’t been posting much lately, that could be why!
      I wish I could help you more Raechel but I’m not really sure how too!
      Check the WordPress how-to’s and guides on Google, you might find some help in there.
      I hope all is well with you.

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